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Glass dining sets Vs Wooden dining sets

June 17, 2022 3 min read

Glass dining sets Vs Wooden dining sets

Moments of eating and chatting are enjoyed by everyone in the family. Dining tables play a huge role within home spaces. They’re used for elite dinners with guests, chilled meals with the family, and elaborate Sunday lunches. To cater to these moments in life, a good dining table is essential. Dining tables take up maximum space within the dining room and are almost always the centerpiece of the room. Its appearance within the space makes a big difference as it directly contributes to the look and feel of the space.

Selecting the right dining table and chairs to go with it can be quite a daunting process. This comes as wooden dining tables are admired for their durability and sustainability, while glass dining sets are admired for their sophisticated beauty.

With wooden dining sets, you do not want to be replacing your dining set every three years, you should be able to get at least ten to fifteen years out of the dining table. These types of tables are known to be bold, strong, and long-lasting. For homes that have young kids, a wooden table will be the ideal choice. Wooden tables can be a bit expensive, however, the cost incurred is set off by their durability.

Wood has unique colours and textures that open the way for you to explore interesting décor concepts, which fit nicely with your selected wooden dining suite. Round and rectangular wooden sets both look stunning and the matter of selecting a shape is dependent on the dining room you plan on placing the set in.

Wooden tables require the least maintenance and offer great service for a long time. Good quality wood only needs to be polished after every five to seven years. The only downside is that wooden tables can be relatively heavy, and so, if you regularly need to move around your table then this might not be the best option for you. While some people feel that wooden tables bring with them an old-fashioned look, it isn’t exactly the case. Firstly, isn’t it that old is the new, new?

There are a variety of contemporary designs to choose from with wooden tables and who doesn’t want to create a warm, regal feel in their house anyway? Wooden dining tables are highly sophisticated and luxurious.

Cheaper than the wooden counterparts are glass dining tables, which are extremely modern and futuristic. While the popular choices for glass tables are transparent and black, nowadays, there is a range of colour variants to choose from. This makes it perfect for spaces that have quirky concepts in terms of design and require a dining table that will add to the beauty of the space and design.

Durability is not necessarily compromised with glass dining tables as they are manufactured from heavy-duty, toughened glass. Designer glass has a way of creating an ultra-modern feel to your home.

The wonderful thing about glass dining tables is that they can be molded into any shape. This makes designing dining spaces more intriguing than ever. You’re able to play around with shapes and designs easily to set up a dining room that is eye-catching and unique.

These types of dining tables can be a tad bit tricky to have around children, as they might be prone to cracking or shattering and this is where the decision is on you to see which will be the best option for your home. Glass is lightweight thus making it extremely convenient for glass dining tables to be moved around, however, one must be delicate with the actual moving process.

Ultimately, both glass and wooden dining tables are excellent choices and both come with several major benefits and aesthetics. The choice is mainly dependent on your lifestyle and home dynamics. Both have stunning attributes that will make your home look and feel great while offering the utmost comfort and ease of use.