July 12, 2021


Over the last couple of months, the world has been reimagined. Not only has the way we work changed but also where we work. Working from home has seemingly become the new norm. If the change from going into the office to your make shift home office has you feeling uneasy, we have some tips that could make the transition just a little bit easier.

The good news is that you can customise your home office to create an environment where you’re inspired to work. Whether you’re a minimalist trying to avoid visual distraction or someone who loves to be surrounded by colour, putting together a clean and inspiring workspace will help you complete tasks more efficiently and great each new work day with enthusiasm.

Finding inspiration to work can be difficult at the best of time, never mind when you are surrounded by plain, dull walls and clutter. The good news is that you do not need to spend a fortune to transform your home office into a productive work space.

We have put together a list that will have your home office looking great in no time.


Clear your workspace from piles of random papers and folders, books you are not using and other clutter that has made its way into your office. If you have not or will not use the item in 3 months, put it away.

Decluttering will provide a clean base to begin styling and will instantly create a sense of calm and order.


There’s no point taking the time to style your office if you don’t set up practical ways to keep organised — otherwise it won’t take long before it looks like a crazy mess again.

Storage solutions such as file boxes, baskets, and folders to keep paperwork organised are a must. You may also like to consider adding a wall shelf to maximise storage and add a serious dose of style too.


Nothing helps you achieve your goals like being able to see them each day. A large inspiration or memo board will add interest to your walls, help you stay on top of your priorities and achieve your goals.

We love pinning magazine cutouts, photos and other images that inspire you, as well as keeping track of work priorities.


Indoor plants are one of our all-time favourite styling props because they not only look beautiful but also offer a stack of health benefits — from helping to purify air to reducing stress and blood pressure. Consider opting for low maintenance plants in your office, such as ferns, succulents or cacti. If you are not the best at keeping plants alive, we have a wide range of fake plants that are perfect for any home office.


This point isn’t just about adding style — good lighting is essential in every workspace. The easiest way to add task lighting to your desk is with a table lamp and with the great range of lamps out there, you’ll be sure to find one that can become a feature


Another way to liven up your walls is with artwork or a framed print. It might be just the thing you need in your office to help you from procrastinating or overcoming writer’s block.


Not only are candles a great décor piece in their own right, they also fragrance your office and the gentle flickering of a candle flame can have a calming effect. Why stop at just one candle, group two or three together to create a statement piece in your home office.


Do you have a bookshelf in your office or could you fit one in the space? A bookshelf has so much styling potential, if used to its fullest potential it can be a used as storage for all you books and paperwork, while still adding visual aesthetic to your home office. While there are no hard and fast styling rules, some great tips are to stack books horizontally and vertically, add a collection of objects, layer objects (think a small décor item such as an ornament placed on top of two stacked books), try some colour grouping and incorporate some artwork.


Having a beautiful ornate photo frame with a family picture can make all the difference, not only are photos a great way of incorporating personal touches into the space, it is a definite mood lifter for when you are feeling down.

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