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July 12, 2021 3 min read


A gallery wall is a curated display of photographs, posters or prints, creatively arranged on a wall using photo frames, artworks or even mirrors.

Gallery walls have become quite popular over the last few years, providing an easy way to update your interiors, transform bland walls, create a focal point in your home, and bring some character and personality to your living space. Instead of using paint or wallpaper for a feature wall, you can do so with a gallery wall, and it can be placed anywhere in your home, although popular areas are often in the hallway, up the staircase or in the living room.

Creating a gallery wall in your home does not need to be a complex process, and if you are thinking that it might take hours or even days, you are wrong. Creating a gallery wall is all about beautifully displaying your style and personality. 


This is a dilemma most of us face on a daily basis. When it comes to choosing which numbers work best, it is important to consider the art you are wanting to hang on your wall. If the art is all the same size, more often than not, even numbers work best. However, if your collection varies in size and shape, it is recommended to consider using an odd number as this works best.

We recommend incorporating art works and frames of various sizes to create your gallery wall. When using art works that have matching pairs, consider placing them on opposite ends of the space.


One of the more important things to consider – and the one most of us neglect, it to measure the space that you have. Try to lay your collection on the floor, take a step back and see what it looks like. Does anything seem very out of place? Is there room for more? Consider taking photographs or pieces of art of a few different layout options to determine which you prefer. 

Once you know how much space you have available, you can start selecting art and determining how you want to lay them out. A tip we like to follow is to lay out your choose artworks on the floor to get a better understanding of how the collection will look and work together. If you are concerned about how the artwork will look on the wall, you can use paper, tape or newspaper to stick on the wall, this will give you a better idea of how the artworks will look and how much space it will take up.


Once you have decided on the layout of your gallery wall, the tricky part begins. Take your time and mark out where you will need to place a nail or picture hook to ensure that your final look is what you are after. Remember to keep in mind where the hook will be on your artwork and how this impacts how it will hang.

A DIY tip for when hanging art is to stick a piece of tape where the nail will be placed, hammer the nail in over the tape, this will prevent the paint from peeling


Stand back and enjoy the final product of your hard work. Keep in mind that you can easily swop out any part of your gallery wall for a more updated look and feel. 


In essence, a gallery wall is a place where you can express yourself, you can display your favourite art pieces or most loved family photos. You can create a gallery wall in almost any room in your home, from your living room, bedroom or even in a passage way.

In your bedroom, you can easily create a gallery wall above your headboard, or a large wall in your room. This will add a personal touch to your bedroom that you will love. If you are a fan of art works, at Leather Gallery we have curated a range of imported artworks to choose from.

The key to creating a show stopping gallery wall is to choose art or photographs that you love and are a representation of you and your style. Our design team recommends incorporating art works or photographs in both portrait and landscape orientation.