June 08, 2021


It’s amazing how small decorative items and accessories can make a huge impact in a room. Designers know the influence that rugs, lighting, throws, scatter cushions, art, and other accessories can have in a space and know how to use them wisely.

Unfortunately, accessories and small décor can also break a space and seem to add clutter to a room. Decorative items are the cheapest way to freshen up or add a new look to a room, but if you are not decorating carefully, these décor items can quickly overtake the home.

These simple tips for choosing, combining, and decorating with accessories can help you pull together your room like a pro and avoid the common mistakes many home dwellers make with their décor.


Mass produced décor items are inexpensive and readily available at your local furniture store, but is that really what you want to fill your home (and your life) with? When it comes to décor accessories, less is often more. One unique piece may work better in your space than loads of tiny knickknacks that have no value beyond price.


The Isla Sculpture is the perfect decorative piece to add height and dimension. Display it on its own on a coffee table or hall table or use it as part of a larger decorative grouping. Crafted from resin and marble powder this sculpture is the perfect décor accessory for your home. The simplistic style and design of this sculpture is the perfect décor item for a modern home interior.


We have all seen homes where dwellers have mistakenly chosen a small rug in a coliseum-sized room. And those awkward walls where a large piece of art is crammed into a small space, not only does it look very strange, it often makes you feel uncomfortable. Before choosing and/or placing home décor accessories, take the time to consider the scale and size of the décor ornament as well as the space in your room which it will occupy.


Neutrals are great in large furniture items such as your couch or sofa, but cheap décor accessories are perfect to really break out with pops of colour and varying textures. Accessories can and should be used to add visual interest and contrast in a space, and accessories can easily and inexpensively be altered or exchanged to fit changing moods, styles, or seasons.


Featuring an on-trend and eye-catching gold finish, this beautiful cheetah ornament would be perfect for adding a unique and interesting touch to your home. The size and design of this cheetah ornament lends itself to being styled on a hallway or entryway table. The wooden like base adds to the appeal of this home décor piece. Create the ultimate safari-inspired home interior by styling this Cheetah on-base ornament in your home.


Think of accessories as decorations on a cake. Large accessories should be placed first and sparingly, with medium- and small-sized accessories filling in and adding balance where needed. Several small accessories can give the "feel" of a large item when grouped, but don’t forget to leave some breathing room. Not every nook and cranny in a room needs to be filled with the décor. Trays are the ideal décor accessory to use when you are looking to create layers. Place your favourite tray on a coffee table with a stack of coffee table books and an eye-catching ornament to complete the look.


Functional and decorative the Sadie Swirl Tray is perfect for any contemporary modern living space. Stylishly serve your guests drinks and snacks with the Sadie Swirl Tray. This swirl tray is the perfect way of incorporating a fun pop of colour into your living room. The hues of blue and gold create the perfect marble effect. This swirl tray is beautifully rounded off with an iron edge and two sturdy handles on either side making it easy to serve your guests in style.


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