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July 06, 2021 4 min read

Wall clocksare quite the décor statement in any home, their grand size and unique design makes them the perfect piece to fill up any empty wall spaces you may have. Clockshave been a popular design trend the past few seasons, and it is no secret why. Available in various styles and designs, you can practically put them in any room in your home.
A well-placed wall clock is the best way to complete your wall space without the generic wall mirror or photo frames. Wall clocks add both a functional element and make the room pop. It is a staple décor piece that is simple yet unexpected. Use a wall clockto add a pop of colour or to incorporate different textures and finishes into a room.


If you are trying to find new ways to spice up your home and fill up your bare walls, consider adding a grand wall clock. Clocksare used for practical purposes mainly in offices, but can also be used as timeless pieces of art too.

1 Use clocks as a timeless statement piece 

When adding a large wall clock to your room, it can really make a bold statement. Using a wall clock on a large open wall will capture the attention of your guests as soon as the enter the room, making it the perfect timeless focal point.

2 Style a group of clocks

If you have a few wall clocks that are not too large, you can create a dramatic grouping of clocks on the same wall. We recommend that you create a unique clock gallery wall, and use at least three wall clocks styled in a small cluster for the best results.

3 As part of your furniture set up 

Our range of wall clocks are so grand that they are almost a furniture piece on their own, rather than a small décor piece. Large wall clocks and grandfather clocks are classic pieces are last for many years, therefore making them the perfect piece to pair with your forever furniture.


When you have large empty walls that span across your home, it can make your space feel cold, empty and uninviting. The missing element in your space is a grand wall clock of modern designs and metallic or wooden finishes. Choosing a timepiece with a unique design allows you to incorporate more of your personality and style into the space, as well as add a functional element.


1 The Ellis Wall Clock

The Ellis Wooden Clock is a charming industrial styled wooden wall clock with iron dials. This clock would make a great addition to contemporary living rooms and studies. The mixture of the wooden clock and metallic detailing give the Ellis Wooden Clock a unique and contemporary feel. The exposed operational mechanical gears of the Ellis Wooden Wall Clock add a lovely aesthetic to the design. The washed-out Roman numerals on the wooden wall clock give it somewhat of A vintage look and feel.  


2 The Barrett Wall Clock

Make a statement with the Barrett Metal Clock. It has an industrial design that will complement your modern space. The exposed operational gears along with the metallic design of the Barrett Metal Clock make it the perfect piece for almost any room in your home. Drawing inspiration from industrial design trends, the simplicity of this metal wall clock speaks for itself. The Roman number detaining of the Barrett Metal Clock undoubtedly adds class and style to the overall design.


3 The Floyd Wall Clock

A timepiece is essential in any home. Create a focal point in any room with the Floyd Metal Clock. The design and overall aesthetic of the Floyd Metal Clock is sure to make a statement in your home. The bulky and over sized roman numerals add to the beauty of this wall clock. The exposed gears in the centre of the clock create a focal point, by only including four key roman numerals, the exposed gears take centre stage. The golden edging around this wall clock adds a lovely finishing touch. Style the Floyd Metal Clock on a large wall with round mirrors to create a focal gallery wall in your home.


4 The Rolf Wall Clock

The Rolf Metal Clock is an intricate timepiece that has been artistically crafted. The golden Roman numerals and border contrast with the brassy golden mechanical gears and cogs, immediately catching the eye and creating a focal point. The intricate detailing of the Rolf Metal Clock makes it both a functional item and a décor piece. The oversize detailing of the Roman numerals of this metallic wall clock add to the overall aesthetic. The golden tones of the Rolf Metal Clock will add to the design of any room.


5 The Kennedy Wall Clock

The Kennedy Metal Clock is exquisitely crafted with a modern industrial flair. The mixing of the silver and gold metals as well as the intricate detailing of the mechanical gears and cogs makes the Kennedy Metal Clock both a functional item and a décor piece. The black hands of the Kennedy Metal Clock add to the bold statement that this large wall clock makes. The over sized nature of the four Roman numerals adds to the beauty of this wall clock.