July 06, 2021 4 min read

When it comes to choosing an upholstery type for your sofa suite it can be quite difficult as it is a big choice to make. The two main options available for the Salisbury Sofa Suite is a fabric couch or a leather couch. While both fabric and leather upholstered sofas are great and have their own benefits and downfalls, it ultimately comes down to which upholstery option you like best and which one best suits your living room and lifestyle.
Choosing the sofa upholstery is a decision that should not be made in a hurry. If you make the wrong choice in your haste to get your sofa made and delivered, your living room décor will suffer, and you could potentially be left with a couch that does not fit your lifestyle and lounge design.

What is upholstery? 

The term “upholstery” means the material that is wrapped around the foam and framework to make up the covering of the seats of your chair or sofa.  The upholstery choices that are more commonly known today are fabric and leather. You should take various different factors into consideration when choosing an upholstery type for your sofa, quality being a main one to help ensure that your couch or chair lasts long without diminishing over time or sagging and sinking.

Leather upholstery 

Leather is a very common type of sofa upholstery, and is most often made from various different types of genuine leather. You can choose from a large variety of leather materials that are available nowadays, in different finishes and colours to match your decor. Real leather comes in a few classic shades leaning towards darker tones, but can also be dyed to any shade to allow you to add pops of colour or brighten up the room.
Leather sofas are a great upholstery option as leather is hypo-allergenic, meaning that it does not easily attract allergens, dust and pet fur. Leather is relatively easy to clean and maintain and can be quickly wiped down with a soft, slightly damp cloth. If properly cared for and maintained, a leather couch will last for much longer than a fabric couch. The downside to leather sofas is that they are generally more expensive than fabric sofas.

Fabric upholstery

Fabric is often the most popular upholstery choice when it comes to sofas and lounge suites due to the large variety of fabric types and colour options. When you think of a fabric couch there is not just one or two types of fabric upholstered sofas, there are many different fabric types such as jute, synthetic nylon, velvet, acrylic blends, polyester and many more. If you choose to upholster your couch in fabric rather than leather, your fabric couch will stay cooler during the summer and warming in the winter – making it more comfortable and inviting than a leather sofa. Fabric sofas are also much cheaper and more cost effective than leather sofas. However, if you choose to upholster your sofa in fabric rather than leather it is important to note that fabric sofas absorb stains and odours much more than leather sofas do and require regular vacuuming and cleaning to ensure they stay in good condition.


The Salisbury Leather 3+2+1 Sofa Suite is the perfect classic leather sofa suite for your family living room. The seamless union of deep, comfortable seating and delicate stitching sets it apart from other leather couches and creates an inviting space for your family to enjoy spending time together. Complete the conversational are in your living room with the Salisbury Leather Lounge Suite and pair it with a wooden coffee table and side tables that are crafted from the same wood as the wooden feet of the Salisbury Leather Sofa Suite. Available as one complete set, the Salisbury Leather Sofa Suite features a three-seater, two-seater and one-seater.


The combination of deep, comfortable cushions and fine stitched detail make the Salisbury Fabric Sofa the best seat in the house to relax with your family. The Salisbury Fabric Couches features a sophisticated style that is extremely popular. With its detailed armrests and comfortable rake, the Salisbury Fabric Couch will easily become your favourite place to lounge with your family.
The Salisbury Fabric Sofa Suite is expertly crafted from 100% Polyester, making it luxuriously soft and supple. The loose seats and back cushions are extremely soft and padded from the 30 high-density foam that is generously wrapped in wadding to add extra cushioning. The wide range of various colour options allows you to create a magnificent living room that perfectly suits your style and the colour palette of your living room. Ideal for everyday living, your family will thoroughly enjoy the timeless design and luxurious cushioning of the Salisbury Fabric Sofa Suite.