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How to mix old and new genuine leather couches

March 31, 2020 3 min read

How to mix old and new genuine leather couches

Due to the long lifespan of genuine leather, you, at some point, may find yourself with old and new leather furniture throughout your home. The key to mastering this mix is proportion and complementary textures.

Marrying your old and new furniture can be exciting to see the transformation of a room. It is important however to know what ‘look and feel’ you are aiming for in order to decide which items will fit within this theme, and which of the two styles (old or new) are more dominant. Decide which sofa will be the feature piece in the room.


genuine leather couch

Living room with a dominant contemporary old farmhouse theme

Source:Studio McGee

Living room with a dominant chic modern theme

Living room with a dominant chic modern theme

Source: Studio McGee

Once you have decided on the theme, there are a few ways to ensure that you create the living space your heart desires. This requires layering, textures (cotton, silk, wool, velvet, fur), and the effective combination of old and new decor. Always bring some plant or flowers (not necessarily real) into the room as this will give the room life.

A lot of leather in one room may not necessarily provide you with the ‘cozy’ feel you were aiming for, but the correct mix of old and new leather sofasand strategically chosen decor will certainly turn things around. You can even add one or two fabric sofas or occasional chairs into the mix. Not only will this ‘break’ the leather, but it will add a unique and warm dimension.


Mixing genuine leather couch with fabric couch

Mixing genuine leather couch with fabric couch

Source: Studio McGee

Mixing genuine leather couch with fabric couch in modern farmhouse

The use of aged and distressed leather items is an appealing dynamic (especially since leather ages so well), however, too many of these items in one room may result in your living room looking like an antique store. In order to avoid this, one needs to merge these pieces with strong, contemporary or modern items to create a balance between the furniture and decor within the room. The trick is to find items that complement each other e.g. floor Rug, cushions, throws, flowers, plants, paintings or mirrors, coffee tables, lamps etc.


old brown couch with modern decor

Living room with old brown genuine leather couch and complimentary decor

Source: bagoesteak

Couches made of genuine leather create a stunning, comfortable, rich, impact  in a room. Do not throw them out! Clean and condition your leather sofa and bring the life back into the leather. It is advisable to choose décor items which will enhance the luxuriousness of the sofa. Once again, a combination of textured scatter cushions (cotton, wool, fur, velvet), side lamps, coffee tables, art, mirrors, rugs, décor etc, will balance out this sofa’s  strong presence. Often, something as small and different as a square or round ottoman in fabric nestled next to your genuine leather sofa, can be transformational.  Velvet textured ottomans are particularly trending at present.


Genuine Leather Lounge suite with fabric ottoman

Genuine Leather Lounge suite with fabric ottoman

Source: Foter

Don’t neglect your lighting. Lighting is essential when it comes to creating the right ambiance. If you have chosen a more vintage look, try balancing it out with a few modern pieces and modern lighting to create a dynamic combination. 


Old-style farmhouse with genuine leather couch and modern lighting

Old-style farmhouse with genuine leather couch and modern lighting

Source: Studio McGee

“Blending modern trends with inherited pieces and items that have sentimental importance is what makes our homes unique.” (realhomes)


Old-style farmhouse with modern accents

Yet, despite the above, there are no rules. It's as simple as mixing and matching items and seeing what works. Focus on balance and gauging the feel of the room and you are A-for-away!