May 20, 2021


Oversized, full-length mirrors are the ultimate statement piece for any room, they add temporary architectural interest to the space, as well as brightens up the room. You can lean full-length mirrors in a corner in the bedroom for an impromptu dressing area, or you can hang one in your passage to make it look bigger and wider. Large floor length mirrors open up small spaces that appear crowded by bigger furniture pieces such as beds, sideboards or sofas, and make them appear to have more space than they do.
We have put together our ultimate guide on how to style our range of magnificent full-length mirrors, no matter the style of your home.


Full length mirrors are the perfect accents for contemporary rooms. By placing a large mirror next to a sleek, streamline dresser or chest of drawers in a bedroom makes it that much more functional when getting ready for the day, and works to balance out the room. In modern contemporary styled rooms, clean lines and neutral colours are the main features, thus full-length mirrors in natural materials such as metals and woods in monochrome colours work best. Mirrors reflect the natural light in a room, making them the perfect accessory for a contemporary styled room to achieve that bright, airy look.
Full Length Mirror In Your Home | Wooden and Aluminium Mirrors | Wall Decor


While sleek modern mirrors are frequently used in today’s interior styling, using ornate antique inspired mirrors in large, grand rooms can make a bold, glamorous statement. Floor length antique style mirrors add an element of old-time charm and incorporate a classy vintage feel to the room that simply cannot be achieved with any other mirror style. Our grand floor length antique style mirrors look picture perfect when styled with our grand Berlin Fabric Sofa Suite or the Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite. The ornate, intricate detailing in the fabric sofas complements the ornate carvings and finishes of the antique full-length mirrors to create a complete, cohesive look and feel.
Full Length Mirror In Your Home | Bevelled Frame Mirror | House Interior Design


Styling two floor length mirrors in a setting creates a chic, modern look in any room. In a bedroom you can styled a pair of mirrors above your bedside tables to create the illusion of more space in the room and to create a dramatic statement. In your living room, pairing two full-length mirrors on either side of a large, grand entryway sets the tone for the room, as well as makes the space feel bigger and brighter by reflecting the natural light of the room.


Using mirrors that feature high-contrast monochrome toned frames allows the full-length mirror to stand out like a piece of art in a modern, minimal room. The traditional use of full length mirrors is to help create light in a space, as well as for you to check your outfit, but mirrors are now more than that – they are alternative artworks. Incorporate a full length mirror with a black or white frame to complete any modern or contemporary interior space, and complement the monochrome furniture trend that runs throughout the room.
Full Length Mirror In Your Home | Wooden Frame Mirrors | Home DecorFull Length Mirror In Your Home | Natural Wooden Frame Mirror | Interior Decoration


Adding a window to a space is not always an option, whether it is not structurally or financially possible, and this is where mirrors come in handy. Adding a mirror to your space and placing it opposite a window can create an intriguing optical illusion by appearing as a fake window. The mirror works to reflect and bounce the natural light around the room, in turn opening up the space.


Hallways and passages can often appear long and narrow if there is no natural light, resulting in the area looking dark, dingy and narrow. Mounting a grand full length mirror at the end of your hallway creates a focal point that is both functional and stylish. Due to passages being high-traffic areas in family homes, we recommend that you mount your full length mirror onto the wall rather than leaning it against the wall. By mounting a large mirror against the wall at the end of your hallway you reflect the natural light down the passage, making it appear bigger and brighter and in turn open up the space.


If your home features a minimal style, oversized full length mirrors add to the understated interior design, and incorporate texture through the natural elements of the metal or wooden frame. Mirrors serve a practical purpose, a large full-length mirror gives you all that, adding style, reflecting light, and opening up a room all at once. Minimal mirrors allow you to add these functional elements to the room while still keeping your main furniture pieces as the statement pieces in the space.
Full Length Mirror In Your Home | Natural Wooden Frame Mirror | House Decor


Gallery walls are more commonly known for featuring artworks. However, creating a gallery wall using grand mirrors makes a one-of-a-kind statement that your guests will always remember. Mirrors are practical décor pieces, but they can also just be decorative in your bedroom, lounge or dining room. Try filling out a smaller empty wall space with a few large mirrors to create a striking gallery wall and experience the breath-taking beauty of the natural light that is perfectly bounced around the room at all different angles throughout the day as the sun rises and sets.


Full Length Mirror In Your Home | Wooden and Aluminium Mirrors | Wall Decor
Full length mirrors are the ultimate finish touch for styling bedrooms and living rooms. Full length mirrors help you decide which outfit looks best on your, and everyone deserves the perfect grand floor length mirror to complete their space.
Large full length mirrors are some of the best decorative and transformative home decor pieces, that are relatively affordable for their function. A floor length mirror not only provides you a full view when you are heading out the door for the day, but they also create the illusion of more light and space in any room in your home.

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