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May 19, 2021 3 min read


A dining room, and in particular a dining table is one of the most integral pieces of furniture in your home. Your dining room table is not just a place to eat, it is also the foundation for memorable meals and meaningful gatherings with your friends and family. 


When it comes to choosing the right dining table for you and for your home, you need to work out what you need. Of course, your dining room table must serve functional needs, such as being a place to gather and eat. But you should also consider your family, lifestyle and living situation too. You need to think of your family, if you have younger children you might want to consider a dining table that is easy to clean. When shopping around furniture stores, look at dining room tables that not only suites your design style but suites your lifestyle too.

You should also consider your lifestyle. Think about how a dining table plays a part in your daily life. If you love entertaining and hosting dinner parties, for example, a small four-seater dining table probably won’t be ideal. Your dining table should enrich your lifestyle, not hinder it. Your present living situation is another area you should consider. A good rule of thumb is to buy for the house you have now. Even if you’re planning to buy a larger house in the future, there’s no point buying an oversized 12-seater glass dining table if you only have space for a smaller 6-seater dining set. Instead, choose a dining table that suits your needs now.


Your dining table must fit comfortably in your dining room. Too large and it makes your room look small, too small and it makes your room look off-balance. Size also means taking into consideration the space around your table for people to move.

To work out the right table size for your home, you need to measure and map it out. We recommend using table to map out exactly where your dining table will go. This will help you get a better idea of how the dining table will fill your space.

Ideally, your dining table should not only be the right length but right height too. In general, allow a minimum of 100 centimeters of space between the table and wall or other furniture in the room. When it comes to height, most dining tables are around 76 centimeters high. Keep this in mind if you have décor or lighting that will sit on or above the table.

Of course, a dining table is not complete without dining chairs. Allow a minimum of 20 centimeters of space between your dining chair and the top of your dining table. Make sure you also leave space for when people are sitting in them and when they are tucked in. The right dining table for your home should allow people to sit, get up and move around the room comfortably.


Dining tables are usually rectangular, square, round or oval-shaped. Your practical needs and the size of your dining room should determine the shape of your dining table. Here’s what you should consider with each dining table shape.



Rectangular dining tables are the most common. You’ll find that this shape comes in more styles, sizes and extendable options too. While a rectangular dining table suits most spaces, it works particularly well in long or narrow rooms.

Just remember, when it comes to choosing the right dining room table, width is just as important as length. The wider the dining table, the more food it can fit, so the better it is for entertaining.


If your dining room is square, it is a good idea to choose a square dining table. A square dining table creates more intimate dining experiences because it brings people closer together. Keep in mind though that the larger the square table, the more difficult it is to reach the food in the middle of the table.

So, if you are planning to seat more than eight people, you might be better off with a square table that has an extension. That way, you can have the best of both worlds.


Round or oval dining tables are best for small rooms. While this shape usually takes up less space, it still offers a good amount of surface area to place food. Obviously, the larger the dining tabletop, the more people and food you can comfortably fit. A round or oval dining table also brings people closer together, so it is great for conversation and ideal for parties.