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How to style your outdoor event with indoor furniture

August 30, 2022 4 min read

How to style your outdoor event with indoor furniture

Planning an event can be a daunting task by its very nature. Planning an event in nature however, can be a relaxing, unique and memorable experience. Sunlight and fresh air are a great way to set the ambience for your outdoor event. Choosing the right open space will give you far more possibilities to be creative and to set a calming atmosphere for your guests. Once you have your space picked out, accentuating it with the right pieces of furniture and decor will add the finishing touch to your overall creative concept. 

When approaching your layers of preparation, you must firstly, understand the type of event you are planning for and the type of guests you will be hosting. From corporate functions, intimate dinners or whimsical and magical wedding setups - there are always pieces of furniture, lighting and decor that you can use to spruce up your event.


Grand Entrances

Layered rugs can make for a warm and inviting entrance to your indoor or outdoor event. Lead your guests in the right direction whilst effortlessly decorating your entrance space. The bohemian inspired trend is great for bespoke weddings. Consider layering a variety of different rugs down your ceremony aisle to create a masterpiece for your nuptial background. Keep your rugs consistent or add an eclectic mix of colours, patterns, shapes, textures and sizes. Outdoors or indoors, you and your guests are sure to feel right at home with this charming trend.




Lounging Area

Ever been to an event and wished to rather be at home, comfortably seated on your own sofa? Well, create that relaxing corner for your guests to enjoy at your very own event. Customise your space with a comfortable lounging area that your guests are bound to gravitate toward. Choose a shaded spot to place your couch in for a high tea party or a casual area for guests to unwind and mingle in. Remember that you set the tone for your event, the atmosphere on this day relies heavily on the functionality and aesthetic flow of your pieces of furniture. Give everyone the best seat at the event when you give them lounging areas that exude ultra modern sophistication, comfort and class.


Elegant Dining 

Dining under a clear blue sky or starry night, leads to lasting memories. An outdoor gathering can be turned into a spectacular experience when the people you love are all gathered around a beautifully decorated dinner table partaking in a scrumptious meal. Make your guests feel extra special when you host them at a magical outdoor dining event. The generous space and beauty of nature will create a warm atmosphere for guests to feel relaxed and contribute to meaningful conversations. A show stopping staircase adds to the grandeur of your opulent dining suite, making for a picturesque backdrop. Architecture and nature can both significantly add to the overall composition of your event so utilise it the best you can. 


Picnic Chic 

Cosy picnic spots are a fabulous way to celebrate intimate moments, parties, or even corporate events. These picnic areas provide a great way for people to come together to enjoy food, activities and entertainment. Picnic spots for outdoor team building events can still be set up in a luxurious but relaxed way when you incorporate beautifully textured scatters, throws, ornaments, greenery and other decorative pieces. A fabulous room divider can be used to section off picnic spots or separate one area from another. 


Bar Setup 

The bar area may just be the most important area at a function, to some. Add a touch of flair and luxury when you set up your bar area in an entirely different section of its own, this will encourage your guest to walk freely through the party which would probably lead to a conversation along the way. A party where booze and conversations flow freely are a host's and guests perfect scenario. Investing in a bar setup that provides ample storage is an entertainer's best option. If you are an avid entertainer, consider a unit that is multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing too. Place a room divider in this set up to help separate the bar from the lounge or to add a dramatic backdrop to highlight your bar design.


Additional Seating 

No set theme? No problem. Mixing and matching pieces of quirky furniture and decor are a whimsical way to express your eclectic style all whilst providing functionality to your special day. Add pops of colour, pattern and texture when you combine occasional chairs to your seating plan. A picture perfect background is always a favourite for the techno savvy guests that love a selfie or two. Add occasional chairs to your prop pieces or setup for guests to enjoy and have fun with. It makes for comfortable seating too!




Tie your event together with the finishing touches of faux greenery. You probably are wondering why faux greenery when we have real greenery outdoors? But here’s the deal, if you pay attention to nature… It’s not actually perfect. Faux greenery gives you the opportunity to fill in the ”gaps” that naturally occur in nature. The range of faux greenery and stems give you the option to play with contrast and to add additional depth to your setup.