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The coffee table buying guide

July 28, 2022 3 min read

The coffee table buying guide

Coffee tables are now known as a necessity for home décor. Previously, it was simply a holder for beverages within the living space. Times have changed and the use of coffee tables have certainly changed too. Coffee tables are now used for holding books or magazine to read, too add more decorative pieces, or to simply bring together the look and feel of your living room.

We have created a buying and styling guide for you so that you can select a coffee table that serves all of the purposes you need it to with ease.

The Francesco coffee table

The Francesco range is the perfect fit for living rooms that are luxuriously modern. This coffee table is available in two different colours. So, there is a black marble top with a gold geometric base, and there is a white marble top with a silver geometric base. This allows you to select a colour that will match perfectly with your interior’s colour palette.

The Waldorf coffee table

The Waldorf coffee table comes as a set of two nesting tables, which means if you are cramped for space, you can simply slide the smaller table under the larger one. It is also ideal for when entertaining guests as it allows for ample space to place your drinks and snacks. The varying heights of the two tables creates depth and dimension in your living space.

The Mara coffee table

This coffee table is a chic accent piece for your living space. It features a sleek glass top and a thin framed metal base. The base of the Mara is arranged in a geometric pattern. This coffee table is an easy way to bring the industrial city life into your interiors as it is rich with urban flair.

The Swivel glass coffee table

Its contemporary, futuristic look and feel makes this coffee table perfect for modern living rooms. It’s a relatively easy coffee table to maintain. The Swivel coffee table is a multifunctional coffee table with an adjustable top that you can pivot around and place in multiple configurations in order to create more or less space to display your décor pieces or other objects.

The Lapu Occasional coffee table

The Lapu features an edgy design that will add a touch of class and function to your living space. Its clear glass tops create the illusion of space while its thin metal bars create the illusion of height drawing the eye in. This coffee table will add a unique design element to your interior. Its material is lightweight so you will be able to move the tables around easily and change up your living room design whenever you feel.

Rustic wooden coffee table

If you have a natural, earthy theme in your living room then the Rustic wooden coffee table is perfect for you. You can easily bring the outdoors indoors with this coffee table, which celebrates the organic, natural tree trunk shape. It is perfect for adding an authentic feel to your living room. This coffee table is carefully crafted with a resin top and thin hairpin legs.

The Callie Nesting coffee table

Perfect for smaller spaces, the Callie Nesting is beautifully crafted in a circular design with a solid edge finish. The varying heights of the two coffee tables allow you to spread out your décor across two nesting tables or separate them and style them individually.

Dutch Saligna Walnut coffee table

The Dutch coffee table is known to be the best all-rounder coffee table as it is a simple, well-designed table that will easily suite the style an aesthetic of any interior space. This coffee table features intricately caved legs and a rich polished wood finish. The beautiful, natural raw grains of the kiaat wood used to craft the coffee table add a relaxed, homey feel to your living space.

The Ritz coffee table

The unique composition of the Ritz makes it an eye-catching centerpiece for any living room. This coffee tables features one large round coffee table and four smaller triangular ones that fit together underneath to save space or create additional space to store your drinks, books, or other home décor pieces. The Ritz is the definition of luxury with its brushed gold metal base and smoky glass top.

Louvre Antique Wood coffee table

The Louvre coffee table gives of a gentle farmhouse feel with its subtle yet sophisticated design. Most living rooms will be able to accommodate the Louvre as it is a versatile coffee table with a design that is complementary to most spaces. The wood top of the table contrasts the white base perfectly making it a stunning fit.

Coffee tables make up an integral element of living room designs and choosing the right one to complement your space is essential in balancing your design out properly.