ClickCease HOW TO STYLE YOUR SIDE TABLE - Leather Gallery


June 29, 2021 3 min read


When it comes to living room furniture, the coffee table gets all the glory. Aside from the couch or sofa suite, it’s one of the first items people look to purchase when they’re setting up house for the first time or upgrading from the hand-me-downs of college days past.  It’s easy to understand how the much smaller side table might be easily overlooked, but we’d argue that it’s just as important a player. These flexible pieces of furniture offer a place to set a drink, provide storage, and, depending on the style of the table, pinch hit as an extra seat or a mini-bar.

Even if your side table isn’t front and center, it’s still worth taking the time to style it like you would your coffee table to create a balanced space that reflects your personality.


Shed some light on it. Side tables are a great place for displaying other elements in your design. Introduce much-needed accent lighting while displaying a gorgeous lamp that brings a colour pop or a shapely design to your décor.

The Jennifer Table Lamp is the perfect way to shine some light and make a bold statement at the same time. Its golden stem paired with the marble base are the perfect pair and fit right in on any side table or desk. The design and style of the Jennifer Table Lamp will perfectly complement any home office or living room. The marble base adds height to the warm glow created. Creating various light sources in your home décor is key to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The Jennifer Table Lamp will help create layers of light in a stylish way.


Put your favourite things on display. Unique accessories, such as a beautiful bowl or dish, a found piece of coral, a special trinket or a had-to-have-it tray, are what make a space your own.

Functional and decorative the Sadie Swirl Tray is perfect for any contemporary modern living space. Stylishly serve your guests drinks and snacks with the Sadie Swirl Tray. This swirl tray is the perfect way of incorporating a fun pop of colour into your living room. The hues of blue and gold create the perfect marble effect. This swirl tray is beautifully rounded off with an iron edge and two sturdy handles on either side making it easy to serve your guests in style.


A scented candle in your signature scent adds instant ambiance, as does a pretty bowl of flowers.  And if you’re not up to the task of gathering fresh-cut flowers, faux florals or greenery work just as well for year-round colour.

Décor meets function in your Pompeii Soy Wax candle, not only does it serve as a beautiful decorative piece, it can be used as a light source when needed. Paired with a scented candle this lovely wax candle would complete any space in your home. Style this wax candle with the lid on as a décor item, or remove the lid and use it as a candle.


The key to maximising style is minimising clutter. Our go-to strategy for keeping it clean is setting out an attractive basket or dish on or under a side table to collect the odds and ends. Now you can keep remotes and reading glasses tucked away while you aren’t using them.

The Natural Jute Baskets are perfect for storing your throws, pillows and even as homes for your indoor plants. Weaved from chunky seagrass, the Natural Jute Baskets adds a soft, natural touch to your room. The Natural Jute Basket is the perfect décor accessory for a coastal styled home. The woven handles make it perfect for moving around and styling in different rooms in your home. Place the Natural Jute Baskets filled with throws next to your recliner suite to have your throws handy for cooler days.