June 29, 2021 5 min read


When it comes to choosing the perfect lighting for your bedroom, it is all centered around understanding the basics of lighting and how to incorporate that into the theme and design of the room. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, and is meant to make you feel calm and relaxed. Your bedroom also needs to be functional, depending on your various needs and requirements, as well as the time of the day. Lighting plays a major role in setting the tone and creating the mood in any room, and the bedroom is no exception.


1 Size Matters

Whether it is your bedroom or any other room in your house, the size of the room with drastically influence how much light you need. Some rooms may be bigger but receive a lot of natural light, therefore they do not need as much artificially lighting, whereas a large room that is fairly dark will need more artificial lighting to open up the space.

It is important that you make use of various types of lighting fixtures to ensure that every corner of your bedroom is light up. We suggest that you opt for one grand pendant light to provide the necessary lighting from overhead, and then pair that with a large standing lamp in one of the corners of the room either by an occasional chair by a window or by your full-length mirror. Lastly, we suggest finishing off the lighting of your bedroom with a table lamp on each bedside table to provide you with the necessary light next to the bed.

2 A Brilliant Style Statement

The lighting that you select to place and style in your bedroom needs to reflect and complement the design and aesthetic of the room. If your bedroom features classic, glamourous furniture and takes inspiration from chic design trends then a cascading chandelier would be the perfect overhead centrepiece. Whereas if your bedroom features a more simple, modern or minimalistic look and feel then modern recessed dimmer lights are a great option as they are extremely functional and allow the other lighting fixtures to shine and take centre stage.

We recommend that you mix and match your lights to ensure that they do not all overpower each other. If you have a grand chandelier then it is best to opt for a more minimalist floor or table lamp. The same applies for if you have simple overhead lighting, then your floor lamp and table lamp should be bold, eye-catching pieces that add drama to the room.

3. Multiple Layers of Lighting

 A big mistake that most people make is not incorporating various different types of lights to create a layered lighting look. Each interior space that is properly designed and styled features various types of lights that have been strategically placed to create a warm, inviting ambiance. Layering lighting in your bedroom is vital as it helps you create that warm, cosy feeling that everyone wants. While overhead lighting is important, accent lighting is equally as important as it creates an ambient aura in your bedroom and makes you feel calm and serene.




The Esme Desk Lamp

The luxurious gold finish and marble base make it the perfect modern desk lamp that can be used in any room in your home. The Esme Desk Lamp is the perfect way to shine some light and make a bold statement at the same time. The modern and sleek design of the Esme Desk Lamp will perfectly complement a modern home office. Desk Lamps are the perfect understated addition to any home décor – an easy way to layer lighting and create a welcoming atmosphere.

The Harvey Ashwood Side Lamp

The Harvey Resin Ashwood Side Lamp brings warmth into the room with its golden base and neutral lampshade and draws your attention with its uniquely shaped base. The style and design of this side lamp make it perfect to style on a side table or use as a bedside lamp in your master bedroom. The size and style of the Harvey Resin Ashwood Side Lamp make it the perfect addition to your home décor, it adds an element of light as well as serves as a décor element.

The Jazz Side Lamp

The large silver base and black shade perfectly complement each other in the Jazz Side Lamp. The design on the base of the side lamp adds texture and interest. Style the Jazz side lamp on your coffee table to light up the corners of your living room. The grand size of this side lamp makes it perfect to use as a statement piece in your living room.



The Miami Floor Lamp

The Miami Floor Lamp features Six large staggered bubble styled bulbs that are adorned with black finishes and a sophisticated black base. Create a dramatic effect in any room with this eye-catching floor lamp. Featuring 6 large glass bulbs the Miami floor lamp will light up any space in your home. The industrial inspired design will add a unique and edgy feel to your interior space. The black finish of the floor lamp allows for it to be used in almost any room in your home and will complement almost all design styles.

The Zoe Floor Lamp

The Zoe Floor Lamp elevates your space with its modern style and stunning silhouette. This floor lamp is the perfect combination of style and function. With the marble like base and bronze stem and shade. The silhouette created by the structure of the floor lamp makes it the perfect floor lamp to place over the couch in your living room. Create the perfect reading nook by pairing the Zoe floor lamp with your favourite occasional chair.

The Leather Bound Floor Lamp

Luxurious in leather, the white and tan Leather Bound Floor Lamp is an easy way to incorporate small leather accents into your room. It’s timeless design features simple lines that don’t overpower the space or disrupt your rooms feng shui. The simplicity of this floor lamp is what we love the most, it allows for you to style the Leather Bound Floor Lamp in virtually any room in your home. Understated and subtle, the warm glow from this floor lamp will add the perfect finishing touches to your home.



The Athena Pendant

The Athena Pendant Light allows the warm glow of your light to shine through, beautifully illuminating your space. The Athena Pendant shape is a charming twist that catches everyone’s eye.

The Solo Glass Pendant

The Solo Glass Pendant allows the warm glow of your light to shine through, beautifully illuminating your space. The simple design of the Solo Glass Pendant would complete any room in your home. The large glass bulb allows the light bulb to take centre stage.

The Vintage Beckham Chandelier

The Vintage Beckham Chandelier Light allows the warm glow of your light to shine through, beautifully illuminating your space. The Vintage Beckham Chandelier shape is a charming twist that catches everyone’s eye. The design of the Vintage Beckham Chandelier draws inspiration from industrial design trends. Featuring 9 light bulbs, the Vintage Beckham Chandelier will light up any bedroom.