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Ideas For Styling Faux Plants Throughout Your Home

February 21, 2022 2 min read

Ideas For Styling Faux Plants Throughout Your Home

Growing in popularity, faux flowers and plants are low maintenance and provide instant decoration. Artificial plants are cost-effective, and if you can't manage to keep your indoor plants alive, then faux plants are probably the best option for you. Rejuvenate your living space with a touch of faux greenery. There are so many ways to incorporate faux greenery in your home and lifestyle.


While there are no rules or limits on how to style faux greenery, adding arrangements throughout your space should not mask the beauty of your home. The best element of faux greenery is that you can change the style of the room according to seasons or events or to personal preference. Faux flowers can be displayed anywhere in the home, without having to worry about direct sunlight affecting them, trimming the stems every few days or refilling their water.


1. Greenery in the entryway 

Introduce faux plants into the entryway of your home as a styling element in your interior space. Beautifully potted plants can be a great way to fill the negative space and add height and structure to your entryway look, while artificial flowers can add a pop of colour to the space.


2. Greenery in the living room

Focus on introducing greenery into the living room to enhance the style of the room. Adding faux trees in corners or next to doorways adds height and substance to the room, while flowers can easily be displayed on a mantle. The living room is where almost all design elements are usually added, so greenery added to this room will complete the look and breathe some life into your space.


3. Greenery in the kitchen and dining room  

Faux greenery doesn’t have to limited to the entryway or living room of your home, the kitchen can also be styled with greenery. Faux mini olive trees or herb plants blend into the kitchen space effortlessly. These plants can be added to counter tops, or your serving nook. Fuse faux greenery to the décor of your dining room as a way of making the room feel cosier and more connected to nature. The dining room can be decorated with large potted plants, which bring life and height to the space.


4. Greenery in bedroom

If you’re struggling with how to decorate your bedroom with faux plants, consider using plants or flowers on nightstands or dressers to add an element of nature. If there is enough space within the room, incorporating a tree in a corner to create a complete cohesive space.


5. Greenery in office spaces 

Adding plants or florals to office spaces is always a good idea. Greenery also has the ability to soak up a lot of visual noise that cords and other office supplies often bring to the room. Add small faux potted plant or a few faux stems to a vase and style one on each desk.