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The Small But Powerful Furniture Piece For Your Home – The Occasional Chair

February 23, 2022 2 min read

The Small But Powerful Furniture Piece For Your Home – The Occasional Chair

Occasional chairsare one of the most underrated pieces of furniture that you can have. These small but powerful chairs are versatile and offer a range of uses. Occasional chairs introduce texture, colour and shape to a space, and even enhance the existing colour scheme of a room.


Choose an occasional chair that will have the flexibility to work in more than one space such as the living room or bedroom of your home. They are also great furniture pieces that can function as a bold accent piece if upholstered in a bold colour or patterned fabric. Have a new bold statement pieces to each room in the home each season, by adding a feature accent chair to your living room you create visual depth and design dimension, making your lounge look and feel like your own.


There are different style, shapes and sizes of occasional chairs on the market – allowing you the freedom to customise the style of your room or home. However, it is important that you choose a colour that will work all year round and that matches with your existing rooms style and aesthetic. There are a few key elements to consider before shopping for an occasional chair.


1. Consider your available space


It should go without saying that every room has limited space, therefore decorating a room with large, bulky pieces of furniture may not be the best way to utilise the space you have to work with. Introducing smaller, or more petite furniture to the room is the ideal way to balance the rest of the décor and furniture in the room. For instance, chairs without arms or compact chairs with be the ideal choice for a room with limited space available.


2. Think about placement


The layout of the space you want to utilise affects the placement of your occasional chair. Create a more relaxed atmosphere by positioning your occasional chairs opposite your main sofa or choose a multi-directional layout with your occasional chairs on either side of your main sofa. This gives an illusion of a larger, open space and is perfect for smaller rooms.


3. Consider the options


Knowing the different options of occasional chairs, you have available to you, makes the shopping aspect of your decorating journey fun. There are so many choices available in a wide range of different styles, colours, and fabrics. Sneak in style and sophistication into your home’s décor, consider opting for versatile designs such as a tub chair to make the most out of the space and design you choose.


Depending on the upholstery finish, this chair can either sport a modern contemporary look or a more formal, traditional appearance. Refresh a room by adding comfy elements such as occasional chairs. Shop our full collecting to find the perfect piece to suit your home.