ClickCease Leather Gallery gives back to the community

Leather Gallery gives back to the community

July 19, 2022 2 min read

Leather Gallery gives back to the community

Doing good is the only way forward. Recently, it was brought to our attention that an organisation called Wylie House needed some help. We knew we had to offer a hand. Wylie House, located in Berea, is a non-profit that houses girls between the ages of three and eighteen. Girls that come to Wylie have faced trauma and abuse that have been extremely brutal.

One in three women worldwide has experienced physical or sexual violence, mostly by the people that are closest to them. Violence against women and children can negatively affect their mental and physical health. South Africa and the world have been working tirelessly to eradicate the abuse of women and children. Wylie House is one of the numerous organisations that provide a safe place for girls to live free from violence.

Understanding the corporate social responsibility of organisations such as ours is vital as it plays a major role in bettering the community and directly improving both the lives of people within the business and outside of it. In our efforts to determine how exactly we can provide the best help for Wylie House; we paid a visit to the principal of the organisation. After lengthy discussions and a walk through the premises, we began to gauge what the girls needed for the environment to be safe and comfortable for them.

The property on which Wylie House is situated comprises three separate buildings, all of which are fairly aged and have not been upgraded for an extended period.  Maintenance was required and so members from the Leather Gallery team, who usually does maintenance on our properties, were sent out to Wylie House. They managed to complete some painting and general maintenance in and around the buildings.

The principal at Wylie House informed us of the immediate needs of the girls and our team rallied together to get these things to the girls. Blankets, curtains, mirrors, winter clothing, rugs, and some other vital requirements were swiftly sent through to Wylie House while a surprise was being planned for them.

Leather Gallery realized that our famous blue couch, Pablo, was also in need of a safe home. We knew Wylie would be the safest place for him and so we hatched a plan to donate Pablo to the girls of Wylie house. We quickly sent Pablo for a quick touch-up so that he was in good condition before he went to Wylie House. Leather Gallery has been hopeful that the girls will find some peace and relaxation with Pablo in the space. The couch will also allow the girls to learn more about the history of the unrest that took place in July 2021.

Leather Gallery strongly advocates ending violence against children and women. We truly believe that children and women should be treated with care, love, and kindness. For this reason, we will continue to support Wylie House in its endeavors to stop the abuse against young girls and offer them a safe place where they are protected and cared for.