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How to mix and match bedroom furniture

July 14, 2022 3 min read

How to mix and match bedroom furniture

The key to having a space that is decorated with balance and style is by decorating with the right techniques. The bedroom is one specific room that requires a lot of time and attention as this is the one room in the house that is not only able to reflect your personality but also the room you are likely to spend most of your time. 

Bedroom furniture does not necessarily need to match. By mixing and matching your bedroom furniture, your room will begin to look attractive with bits of your personality being actively showcased. The process of mixing and matching furniture eliminates repetition. Repeating one specific style of furniture in your bedroom can sometimes look boring, however, if you like having uniformity then matching furniture such as bedroom suitesmight be a good choice for you. 

Style, wood, texture

Including items that look completely out of place and awkward is not what not matching furniture means. When mixing up the furniture in your room, you will have to consider style, wood, and texture. 

Use the main element of your room to help you decide what pieces will complement your bedroom well. 

Different shapes

You can add interest to the room by featuring a variety of different shapes and sizes. An interesting effect can be created with furniture that is available in shapes of rectangles, squares, and ovals. Dressers, nightstands, desks, headboards, and shelves are good to play around with in terms of bringing shape to the room. 

Make use of textures and colours to create a smooth and flawless look. 

Introduce a few complementary colours

You can use different colours or shades when it comes to the furniture for your bedroom. Match the overall colour scheme of the room to create a cohesive space that is well balanced. 

Select colours that blend well together so that you can create seamless looks. Neutral tones and shades are easiest to blend in a room and they bring in a relaxed feel, which is perfect for a space that you use to relax. 

The bed area should stand out 

The focal point of the bedroom is usually the bed area and so you will want this area of your room to stand out. You can choose to go all out with your headboard as it does not need to match the rest of the room's décor or even the bed's frame bed. 

A unique choice for a headboard will have an interesting design in the shape, texture, or colour. 

Adding to the mix

It is optional to have matching nightstands, however, they do look better if they match. On the other hand, if you share your bedroom with a sibling or spouse, you can each choose a nightstand that is most functional for you and one that describes your personality perfectly. This will add a slight quirk to your room while also proving to be extremely useful. 

The rest of the items in your room can be mixed and matched depending on what will suit the room better. 

A great way to mix and match is by finding a dresser or desk that is similar in style to that of a nightstand. The Louvre range is ideal for when you want to mix and match in your bedroom. 

Ultimately, the way you choose to mix and match in your bedroom is all dependent on your style and taste. After all, it is your bedroom and you should decorate it in the way you prefer to do so. Your goal is to design a bedroom that you will completely love and enjoy.