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Maximalist interiors: an evolution of style

May 23, 2022 3 min read

Maximalist interiors: an evolution of style

Maximalist interiors

Minimalism seems to be slowly losing its importance this year and it is gradually making way for a bolder, more interesting trend: maximalism. Maximalism does not have a distinct strict definition. It is inclusive of a range of styles. Maximalism makes use of a wonderful, contrasting combination of colours, materials, and textures. The major focus in the maximalist interior design is its three core elements, which are pattern, colour, and texture. This design style makes way for intense personalization within a room. Layering pieces and textures for a room that tells a story is what the interior concept is all about. Usually, this design trend depends heavily on creating depth with different layers, however, it does require a main focal point such as a majestic leather couch like the Isilo Leather Sofa or the Kingston Leather Sofa. These allow you to create a good base point to begin decorating. 

Art collectors or people that collect souvenirs tend to lean towards this style of interior design as it allows them to showcase their collections in a beautiful way that’s personal to them. The end goal of any maximalist space is to add joy and richness to a home. 

In terms of colour, maximalism is transformed into a very intriguing trend. 

Colour theory is a good way to begin when looking at selecting a colour palette for your maximalist space. One may be tempted to add every colour of the rainbow to their space but hold on, there is no need to bring every colour in for this interior design concept to work. Adding too many colours can introduce a bit of chaos to the design. While this design concept is known to be a bit of guided chaos, it does need a slight theme and therefore a colour palette based on colour theory is what will tie up the look nicely. Select a few colours that coordinate with one another and allow them to blend. Using that colour palette, you can then use accessories to add pops of colour. 

A great opportunity to play with different materials in space is the introduction of textures. 

Textures have a very gentle way of creating a massive statement. Maximalism focuses on building up an environment that is stimulating and has an impact on all the senses. Textures play a huge part in the development of that environment. The texture alone can become a focus itself. Consistent hard finishes like marble or wood coffee and side tables can add relief to a room with varying textures. Some stunning coffee table choices like the Waldorf Marble coffee table or the Mara Blue coffee table add a sense of glamourous splendour with their golden accents. Mixing different materials for textural highlights, which add interest to the room, is a key element. 

The maximalist design concepts have a way of making ordinary four walls explode with personality. Its personal, diverse, and very particular in the way it is approached. 

Unlike the minimalist approach, repetitive patterns are not frowned upon with the maximalist design.

Floral, abstract, and animal prints are welcomed and even used all together in one design given that they are all paired well. As of recent, tropical combinations have been promoted. Loud wallpaper with tropical and floral patterns are starting to become quite attractive within maximalist spaces. They bring a natural feel to the room and give you the ability to play around with many colour palettes and even more textural combinations. This design concept is truly here to stay with people leaning towards it more and more.

At the core, maximalism is known as an art movement, and interior designing is art in itself. This aesthetic is known to be a reaction against minimalism and looks at excess. Complex setups allow for depth and meaning to be included in the design. If you choose to follow a maximalist design approach, while it can seem pretty daunting at first, it is a creative process and makes way for your individuality to shine through the space you live in. It is a more authentic way of designing interiors.

The quirk to this method of designing is interesting and can add fun to the design process. While maximalism is not for everyone, it is a theme that many people are taking on and if you choose the maximalist approach for your entire home or just a single room, you will certainly appreciate the aesthetics of this art movement and interior design concept.