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10 tips for styling hallway tables

May 20, 2022 3 min read

10 tips for styling hallway tables

Hallway tables are a popular design element for entry spaces and hallways of homes. They provide a unique sense of personality to the interior and allow you to explore a number of creative design styles that can very quickly enhance your space to another level.

We have looked at 10 tips to consider when styling a hallway table:

  1. Take height into account when decorating your hallway table. You will want to select décor of different heights when arranging your table so that you can add visual interest and refinement to your space.
  2. First impressions definitely matter when you enter a house and most of the time, hallway tables are situated at the front of your house and are most likely the first thing that anyone will see when they enter your home. So, having a good first impression is essential. Decorate your table with meaningful items and keep the space clutter-free to bring the best out within that area of your home.
  3. Consider the function of your hall table when you are deciding to purchase one. It can be a very good place to place things that you may need to carry with you when you leave the house such as your handbags, keys, and devices. 
  4. Make use of one large decoration as the anchor for the rest of your design. Mirrors, wall clocks, and tall vases such as the Cuban vase, can provide the perfect fit for decorating around and assembling your design.
  5. Fresh and faux flowers can make the prettiest difference to your hallway table set up. A floral element will bring a sense of instant luxury. If you don’t have the time to get fresh flowers for your vases all the time, choose faux flowers like the Pratt White Orchid or the White Belle Orchid to bring height and luxury to your table. Faux flowers will ensure that your space is always looking vibrant without the fuss of having to take care of the flowers.
  6. Select larger items for a refined look. Items such as candles and lanterns like the Anya Gold Metal Mesh Lantern will bring a nice vintage feel to your table while simultaneously refining the look of your space. 
  7. Place your hallway table directly across from the entrance of your house to create a symmetrical feel. If your home does not have an entryway then you can think out of the box and set up your hallways table anywhere in your house decorating just as you want so that it matches your interior.
  8. Take measurements of your hallway before you go in to purchase the table. The last thing you want to purchase is a table that does not fit within the space you planned for it to fit. 
  9. It can be a good bookshelf too; a house is not a home if it does not have books in it. Use your hallway table to display your favorite reads. It can be a very interesting aesthetic to the space and will be a wonderful conversation starter. 
  10. Make sure the hallway space represents you by adding your individuality to the design. This sense of originality will not only make you feel at ease and comfortable with the space you are in but it will also be a true representation of who you are and what your taste is. 

Take your time when deciding on the right kind of table for your space. Look at the current design element that you have going on within your home and match the table to the aesthetics of your space. This will bring a well-balanced table that will do the most for your home’s hallways and entry points.