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Maximise Your SAVINGS This Black Friday!

November 16, 2022 3 min read

Maximise Your SAVINGS This Black Friday!

Whilst Black Friday has its roots within the USA, over the years it has grown significantly within South Africa. It is a huge event in the shopping calendar of many South Africans. This year Black Friday falls on 25 November 2022. 


These are some of the benefits of shopping on Black Friday:

  1.  Massive Savings – Bigger, better savings are sure to be found everywhere you look on Black Friday, these include savings on necessities and essential items. Shop up to 40% off on selected Leather Gallery products, from leather to fabric sofas, bedroom sets, mattresses, décor and more.
  2. Shop online and avoid troublesome queues - Virtual shopping has greatly impacted the way in which we shop. It makes the process easier and allows you to avoid queues, in addition to this you can track your orders online and find alternative product options in an instant.         
  3. Beat the last-minute rush and get a head start on your Christmas shopping – Gift giving season is just around the corner and though Christmas wish lists may be long and hefty, your shopping experience does not have to be. With all of the amazing discounts available you can get your favourite items in advance by doing your Christmas gift shopping early on Black Friday. 


Here are the Leather Gallery’s budget friendly suggestions for this gift giving season:

  1. Occasional Chairs:

Our occasional chairs are available in both leather and fabric options and offer you plush, comfortable seating. These occasional chairs are crafted with a strong wooden framework that keeps them strong and stable. The Leather Gallery’s occasional chairs are available in a wide variety of colours, styles, shapes and patterns and would make a great fit into reading corners and conversational areas. This gift is perfectly suited for minimalists and minimalistic interiors.      

  1. Décor:

Décor is diverse and makes the perfect gifting solution for the decorator in your life. Leather Gallery has an extensive décor range from opulent ornaments to comfy scatter cushions, baskets, boxes and bowls for compact storage options. From wall décor to throws for your favourite sofa, vases,trays and more, there’s a gift waiting to be found at our store.                                                                                         

  1. Artwork:

Art is a gift that can be appreciated by many, not only does it leave a lasting impression but it also indicates the thoughtfulness of the gift and the effort you’ve put into finding the perfect gift that can be bought on a budget. Art is a unique gift that also comes with many benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety, brightening up your interiors and allowing for creative expression.  Our artwork collection ranges from abstract art to floral, scenic and more, we have a broad range to choose from, for the artist or art collector in your life.

  1. Plants & Accessories:

Plants are a simple and inexpensive, but effective gift. However, if you don’t have green fingers faux plants and greenery are the perfect alternatives. Plants have a positive impact on the mental and physical well-being of an individual and aid in reducing stress. Faux plants require little maintenance and are hypoallergenic, so there’s no need to stress about sinus issues when gifting an artificial plant. These are an ideal gift for busy bodies who would like to liven up their interiors with nature but don’t have the time to do so. We stock an extensive range of plants and accessories for you to choose from, including planter sets and pot plantsstems and trees.    

  1. Sofas: 

Sofas are available in many diverse configurations, seating options, sizes, styles, and pricing ranges, so rest assured that there’s a sofa or suite to treat yourself to. A quality sofa will last for many years and will share in those memorable moments with you, family and friends. If you are feeling a bit generous this black friday or Christmas Season, give the gift of comfort to your loved ones. At the home of leather, Leather Gallery, we offer you a great variety of sofas and sofa suites to fit your taste, space requirements and budget too. From recliner suites to home theatre suites, standard sofa suites and corner sofas to modular sofas and even sleeper sofas, you can treat yourself to one of our luxurious sofa suites. We have both leather and fabric sofa options that are available in numerous colours, to suit your tastes.

If you’re looking for something the whole family can enjoy why not choose a luxurious corner sofa or a home theatre suite and if you’re looking to gift yourself the best seat in the house perhaps an opulent one-seater sofa or a single recliner (available in fabric or leather options) may be the choice for you.