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January 15, 2021 2 min read

Over the last couple of months, the world has been reimagined. Not only has the way we work changed but also where we work. Working from home has seemingly become the new norm. If the change from going into the office to your make shift home office has you feeling uneasy, we have some tips that could make the transition just a little bit easier.
The good news is that you can customise your home office to create an environment where you’re inspired to work. Whether you’re a minimalist trying to avoid visual distraction or someone who loves to be surrounded by colour, putting together a clean and inspiring workspace will help you complete tasks more efficiently and great each new work day with enthusiasm.
Here are a few home office essentials we think you should consider:

The Perfect Desk for the Home Office

A desk or worktop is a given must-have, but getting the size right is key to productivity and efficiency. If you like to spread papers out or need space to look at multiple books at once, be sure that your desk can accommodate that. There’s nothing worse than a worktop that’s too small for your needs

Lighting for the Home Office

Flooding your work area with the right lighting goes a long way toward increasing productivity. Natural light can help brighten the space (and your mood!), but you need more than that. A small desk lamp to illuminate your work and overhead lights that brighten the room are a great start.

Be mindful of computer screen glare and position your desk and monitor to minimise the amount of shadow that falls across this space. Having a bright, well-lit workspace can increase motivation and productivity by leaps and bounds.



Home Office Seating

Finding the right office chair can be the difference between dreading your office and loving it. Choose function and comfort over style. Take your time selecting a chair and always try it out before you make a purchase. An uncomfortable desk chair can lead to lower back problems.

Home office Organisation

Clutter is at its most distracting in the home office area, and you will want to make sure that the space is as tidy as possible, with all important paperwork easily accessible. A small filling cabinet or file box is an essential item in every home office as it keeps things organised. Without it, you may find that important papers and receipts start to pile up or even go missing. Eliminate clutter by filing papers as soon as possible. A clean work space is a productive work space.


Setting up a home office does not have to cost a fortune, but investing in quality pieces that will withstand daily use is key. When your home officeis stocked with all the supplies you need, you might find that you get more done. Whether your home office is tucked in a corner of your home, or has a dedicated room, with the right pieces it can be the most productive spot in your home.