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New Year, New Furniture!

December 12, 2022 3 min read

New Year, New Furniture!

With 2023 just around the corner the design world is expecting for a major moment in furniture trends. Some old and some new, the following trends will elevate your interior design from 2022:

1. Comfort is key

Comfortable furniture is always going to be an important aspect for most individuals. The key to a good piece of furniture is maintaining the highest level of comfort, showcasing important features, all whilst beautifully displaying a genre of style. Leather Gallery has a wide range of leather and fabric recliners that offer the epitome of comfort. The Lexington Home Theatre Suite allows you to recline back effortlessly especially after a long day at the office.

2. Sustainability

People and businesses across the world have become more aware and conscientious of being eco-friendly. A big trend for 2023 is to go green through products that have the least environmental impact. Some of these products will include pieces of furniture that are made from natural materials. Simple clean finishings will contribute to sustainability and add an overall feel of calm to the space that the furniture is placed in. You can expect natural wooden pieces to enter many homes in 2023, take for example, Leather Gallery’s Natural Wooden Dining Tables. With so many options to choose from, you can expect to be right on trend and on track to help the environment.

3. Curved Designs

2023 will boast a dramatic flare with clean lines and curved furnishings. The silhouette of curved pieces within interior design adds character to any room and allows the eye to flow from one product to the next. Leather Gallery uniquely displays this curve design in its Stanford 3+2+1 Leather Sofa Suite. This suite has the ultimate blend of sophistication and simplicity which is easy on the eyes and adds calmness to the room.

4. Old is New

Vintage-inspired furniture is also expected to make a comeback. Here at Leather Gallery, we’ve always appreciated the timeless charm and expert craftsmanship of antique inspired furniture. From the Berlin Fabric Sofa Suite to the Chanelle Fabric Sofa Suite, our furniture is built to last in time and style.

Vintage inspired decor is also celebrated within our interior design offerings. If you are more reserved and would like to bring out your personality through smaller pieces within your home, a decorative item is an ideal and modest way to do this. Larger neutral pieces of furniture can be completed with vintage inspired clocks, scatter cushions, artwork, vases and jars.

5. Large Pieces

With increasingly larger homes in the market, and a newfound appreciation for family gatherings, large pieces of furniture are set to be a trending requirement in 2023. Larger pieces of furniture also create additional seating and are more purposeful in terms of storage. The Bentley and Tobago are ideal for extra seating arrangements, offering both comfort and style.


6.Colourful, Pattern Furnishings
Leather Gallery has clients who are not afraid of vibrant, colourful, unique designs and patterns! Statement pieces are always on trend when it comes to furniture and we’ve discovered that our clients enjoy making bold statements with their interior design choices. Add an impactful focal point to your room with the Geneva 3+2+1 Home Theatre Suite in the colour Wine or the Urban Leather Dining set in the colour Royal Ruby.

Leather Gallery is known for colourful seating options, the famous blue couch being one of them. However, there are several other pieces that will inspire your design style for 2023!