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Styling with ottomans

July 08, 2022 2 min read

Styling with ottomans

In the late 18th century, ottomans were first introduced into Europe from Turkey. Ottomans are known to be padded, upholstered seats or benches without arms or a back. Traditionally, ottomans were heaped with cushions, which formed the main seating in homes. 

The recent years have seen stunning designer leather and fabric couches and suites become an essential part of living spaces and not only add to the interior design of the home but also work as the main seating spaces within the house. This has made way for the ottoman to become more of an extra seat instead of being the main seat. 

Due to its small, dainty sizing, it usually is available in various designs and styles. This gives one the opportunity to endless decorating concepts with the use of an ottoman. The ottoman is stylish and flexible. 


Create an element of contrast easily with ottomans. If your interiors are predominately neutral, select an ottoman that is bright and bold. This will bring a nice contrast to your space making it visually appealing. 

Use in the bedroom

Despite ottomans being associated with living rooms more than any other room in the home. Making use of an ottoman in the bedroom is a brilliant idea. It brings in an extra element of comfort and texture. Placing the ottoman at the foot of the bed creates an inviting seating area that is practical.

Match them with your curtains

Effortlessly integrate your ottomans into your space by coordinating your curtains and ottomans. You can create a thoughtful and considered design by making use of stunning materials throughout a space. 

A practical platform

Decorate your ottoman beautifully with flowers, books, and accessories. This will make your ottoman a practical platform, which works similarly to a side table or coffee table. By making use of this decorating technique, you will enhance the space by making it personal and well-balanced. 

Position in the bathroom

Using an ottoman in the bathroom can create a heightened atmosphere of luxury and relaxation. This will also transform the use of your bathroom space. Placing an ottoman in the middle of a large bathroom can create an inviting seat space with the added element of warmth and texture. 


Ottomans are great with how versatile they are. Depending on where about in your home you will be using them, you can dress them up with a range of accessories. The gorgeous bohemian-style poufs here at Leather Gallery are ideal for interiors that have neutral, earthy tones. Ottomans are wonderful additional seating pieces for any home and any room in the home.