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The Kingston: inspired by the Chesterfield design

July 06, 2022 2 min read

The Kingston: inspired by the Chesterfield design

The Kingston at Leather Gallery features one of the most world-renowned sofa designs, the Chesterfield. The Chesterfield design has been around for years, and here at Leather Gallery, we have used the stunning style to create our very stylish Kingston couch.

Known to be versatile pieces found in hotel lobbies to office reception areas, the design of the couch was commissioned sometime during the mid-1700s by a man named Lord Philip Stanhope. He was the fourth Earl of Chesterfield and, well... you can guess where the name of the design was derived from.

The Earl was in search of a couch that had a low seat and high back to allow his gentlemen to sit in comfort without creasing their suits. This was when the iconic design was created. With Stanhope being an admired politician and a trendsetter, it did not take long for the design to become popular. Its function and looks became a style that many people from the upper class sought after, and it seems that it pretty much stuck since then.

The Kingston crafted expertly in the Chesterfield design, exudes a sense of masculine luxury. Having been initially designed to cater to the men of the upper-class society, the masculine feel and look of the couch are seen. This type of aesthetic fits in perfectly within spaces that have grand areas such as libraries or a bar. It tends to bring a sort of elegance to a room.

Becoming a bit of a status symbol after being created, the couch highlights a classic, tufted design with scrolled armrests that feature metal detailing. The deep buttoned work on the Kingston gives off a rich, opulent feel to any room.

The deep browns are the colours that most people lean towards when it comes to this couch due to the type of interior they wish to feature it in. However, to add a bit of quirk and colour to rooms, getting the couch designed in a different colour would be a great idea. Have you ever watched an episode of Friends? The Chesterfield design can be seen in the famous couch at Central Perk. And in a rusty orange colour too!

The great thing about Leather Gallery’s Kingston is that you have colour options from greys to blues, even vibrant reds. Its known to be a soft and sumptuous couch, which is crafted from exotic pulled-up African leather.

Its soft, plush cushions are made from high-density foam that is wrapped in wadding. Wadding is known to be a soft, thick material that is manufactured from cotton wool, and adds a thick, fleecy layer to the seat and back cushions. Whilst its design comes from the 1700s, the Kingston has been made to look modern and fitting for the new era.

The Kingston is as contemporary as it is timeless. An exquisite piece to place in formal living rooms or styled in an office. The epitome of luxurious living is seen and experienced in Kingston, which is inspired by a design that may never lose its elegance.