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Taking care of your leather couch: a story

June 30, 2022 3 min read

Taking care of your leather couch: a story

Taking care of your leather couch can be one of the most therapeutic and rewarding things that you will do. Therapeutic and cleaning? You are probably questioning everything now. Let’s stop for a moment and think about it. You’ve already spent your money purchasing a luxuriously gorgeous leather couch, you’ve invested, and now it is in your living room, adding to the look of your interiors. This couch is now your pride. When guests come over, they’re definitely going to take a seat and say, “wow, this couch is stunning. Where did you get it from?”. Now, we don’t know if you’re going to tell the guests or not. We know some of you like to stay unique. That is your call.

However, you now have a showpiece placed in your living space, your beloved leather couch. The therapy comes in here. Imagine this…it’s a Sunday morning, and you’re enjoying a cup of coffee with nothing much to do other than spend your day in peaceful bliss. You’ve decided you want to do some maintenance on this stunning leather couch. After all, guests may come over in the week, and you can’t possibly have her looking any less gorgeous than she is known to be. You go to the cupboard and pull out some bottles, two very stylish bottles, the leather conditioner and leather cleaner you purchased from Leather Gallery. You feel a particular pleasure looking at these bottles, especially since you discovered that you can use the product on all leather furniture around your home. You grab two of the softest pieces of cloth you could find and walk to the living room where your couch is. Dappled rays of sunlight flutter into the room and light dances on the sofa highlighting the rich, deep tones of the leather.

You sit on your lovely leather sofa, and you let the weight of your body sink into the couch. You relish those few seconds. To test, you spritz a small amount of the leather cleaner onto your couch and lightly swipe your cloth across it. Thrilled at the outcome, you then spray a bit more onto a clean cloth, and in a soothing, circular motion, you clean the leather until it looks brighter than it previously did. You find that the oil-based stains, which were on the armrests, are no longer there. You place the cap back onto the cleaner bottle, and its faint click is the only sound you hear in the living room. You think about how you would love it if the leather on your couch always stayed this immaculate, and you remember you have a second bottle, the leather conditioner. 

A muted pop and you open the cap of the conditioner bottle. You notice that the opening on the conditioner is different from that of the cleaner, a good difference. You drizzle out a small amount of the conditioner onto the unused cloth, and in the same relaxing circular motion, you apply the conditioner to every inch of your couch. You watch as you moisturize the leather; the couch begins to look and feel as magnificent as it did the day you first brought it home. Pleased with how well-hydrated and neat the couch looks, you start to feel at ease. It almost feels as if you were taking care of your skin.

You close and place both products away and make yourself a cup of tea. Standing in front of your couch now, you are feeling pleasantly drowsy while admiring how you have transformed your leather couch with just the use of two products. You grab the throw close to you and cuddle up on the couch. You are a bit reluctant at first as you almost don’t want to mess up the tasteful work done on the couch, but it is just too inviting. You finish your tea and think about how rejuvenating this entire process has been for you and the couch. Your muscles loosen up, and your body eases into the plush couch. You fall into a satisfying nap. Taking care of your couch on a Sunday morning has been the most fulfilling thing that you have done. Your couch is taken care of, and you are too.