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The blue couch

June 28, 2022 3 min read

The blue couch

Talk about conversation starters. The infamous blue couch circulated on social media and very quickly received its title as “the blue couch”. Now, if you’re deciding to purchase one for your home, we are certain it would be an instant conversation starter when guests are around. Many businesses throughout KZN faced losses worth millions and our Leather Gallery situated in Springfield was one of those. This was when our very well-known, Pablo was taken from its home at Springfield and then shortly after, Pablo was spotted roaming the streets of KZN. This was the comic relief KZN and South Arica needed at the time.

While the unrest and looting stood to be one of the worst occurrences that South Africa has had to deal with in recent years, the blue couch found a way to bring a bit of humor to our darkest of times. As a South African, you know that it’s not unusual for us to make jokes about our many problems. As a country, we tend to find the light and fun in some of our most horrid situations, it’s helpful, it’s a gentle way of getting us through the trauma. The coronavirus pandemic, we are slowly coming out of, is a fine example of how we have used humor to help us cope. I am pretty sure there is at least one joke you know that is related to the virus and pandemic.

We see why Pablo was taken, he’s undeniably comfortable, and do we even start with his looks?

Alright, we were deeply saddened to have Pablo taken away like that from Springfield’s Leather Gallery, however, we are also glad that it helped alleviate the negative feelings that KZN experienced during the time. It is remarkable how, in a country like South Africa with its never-ending serious issues, media users often turn to jokes rather than total despair when having to deal with a new problem.

Pablo remained missing for a few days, and then, finally, Pablo was found and sent back home to Leather Gallery. Since then, he has pretty much embraced the fame and managed to finish a tour of Gauteng. Gauteng was thrilled to meet him and even had the chance to take pictures with him. Pablo’s travels were quite the adventure and now, it is known as the most traveled couch Leather Gallery has ever stocked. Well, Pablo is the only couch in South Africa that has managed to gain this much attention on social media.

Where will Pablo go now?

Pablo has been resting at Leather Gallery for this entire year, and now we have decided that it's time Pablo goes to his forever home.

There are some big plans for Pablo in the upcoming weeks. After a long, hard search, we have finally found the perfect home for Pablo, a place that will keep him safe and take care of him.

Pablo’s subtle blue shade makes it a great piece for any space and is going to make for one very interesting addition to the interiors of his new home. The San Pablo has quite a compelling history making it a statement piece for its new home.

Currently, Pablo is being prepared to leave Leather Gallery for the last time. We are busy saying our final goodbyes and bidding farewell to our beloved blue couch. While Pablo’s new home prepares to give him a warm welcome.

We are excited to see Pablo finally go to his forever home after all of the trauma and movement he has been through.

Wondering where Pablo is right now? 

Pablo has arrived at Springfield, his original home. He won't be there for a long time though. Stay tuned to his journey to find out where Pablo goes to next.