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The Throw: comfort and convenience

June 27, 2022 2 min read

The Throw: comfort and convenience



Soft, delicate textures and warm, delicious colours, the throw is one of the most useful pieces to add to your home this winter. 

Made from a variety of materials such as cotton, wool silk, and chenille, a throw is usually a small to medium-sized blanket that is often used to decorate your home and keep you warm. Its functions become endless, especially when it is made from durable material. 

Style and function 

Throws are an amazing way to add personal style to a room, not just multi-purpose functional items. Draping a throw over the backrest of your couch will bring unlimited elegance to your living room. Adding a folded throw to the foot of your bed helps you dress up your bedding without having to invest in a new comforter set. Occasional chairs can be given an entirely new look with the pairing of a beautiful throw. 

Throws add pops of colour to your space while also bringing in texture. Due to it being available in various colours and textures, you will be sure to find a throw that fits your home décor perfectly whether your style preference is modern or traditional. 

Fun and fabric

Throw blankets are made in almost every possible fabric. Some of the more popular choices include: 
  • Faux fur
  • Wool
  • Wool blends
  • Velvet
  • Cashmere

Comfort, comfort, and more… comfort! 

Extreme comfort is treasured by everyone. Who doesn’t like to be decadently comfortable, especially during the harsh cold winter months? A wonderful, plush throw that keeps you toasty and comfortable will be appreciated this winter. You’ll be thankful you purchased that throw when the temperatures drop below minus. 

The feel of the faux fur throws that Leather Gallery is currently stocking takes comfort and luxury to a whole new level. The softness of these throws is undefined. Thick and warm, the throws are great for movie nights and equally great for styling up your couch. 


Throws truly have an endless list of how useful and versatile they can be within the home. It can be used to: 
  • Cover up a blemish on furniture
  • Become part of the décor
  • A comfy playmat
  • Mostly, keep you warm


We all know what a struggle it can be to buy shoes and clothes as gifts. To figure out the correct size is one of the most daunting things to do. Throws make for brilliant gifts as they will literally fit anyone and any space.

Where to get a throw

Leather Gallery currently stocks an expansive, stunning range of throws, which are affordable and luxurious. The textures and colours of the throw bring a certain richness to your aesthetics at home. 

Most home décor stores stock. However, if you are in search of quality and luxury then you might want to pop into a Leather Gallery showroom to have a look at the best options for your interiors.