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July 23, 2021 4 min read


A dining table is often the heart of the home. It plays an important part in family gatherings, romantic meals and celebrations with friends, so it’s important to choose the right size dining table to suit your needs. The size of your dining table depends on a variety factors: how many people usually eat together, how many guests you typically entertain and the size of your home. It’s always worth choosing a design that caters to all of your needs, so if you do occasionally host large dinner parties, go for a table that seats a large number of people, and you can use a smaller section of this for your day-to-day meals. Alternatively, if you are more accustomed to hosting intimate gatherings, a smaller table will do perfectly.

A 6-seater dining table set is suitable for a large family of more than four people. These dining sets are also perfect for a small gathering or a private dinner party. The right ensemble will be a great combination of class, style and longevity. It adds to the ambience of the dining hall, sets the mood and brings life to the room.

Choosing the right 6-seater dining table seat online or offline will depend on the quality of material, shape, style and budget. There are various styles and designs to suit the tastes of different customers. A properly chosen 6-seater dining table and chairs can last for years and can be a true value for your money. Here are some tips to choose proper dining set for a big family.

A dining table which is 6-seater size is usually oval or rectangular in shape to allow maximum space on the table top. You may buy a complete ensemble of 6-seater dining table with chairs like the Newton Dining Set form a Leather Gallery furniture store, or go for a lone table and add the dining chairs on to complete the set.


The size of your table and shape should also depend on the available space in the room. You should always take care that there is enough space between the table and the chairs for easy movement of legs. Also, there should be a gap of about 30 inches between the furniture and the wall to allow movement around the room.


A dining table that is 6-seater can have different dimensions depending on the shape. Modern dining table sets that are 6-seater can have slightly varying dimensions as the designs can differ.


A 6-seater round dining table, though not so popular, can be a good choice if the room is not very spacious. The round shape will offer more space for movement around the room.

Creating the perfect dining room space in your home can often be quite a complicated task, with the constant struggle of trying to achieve the perfect balance of having a beautiful space that is also practical. The best place to start is with the heart of the room, the dining table and chairs.


The luxurious Newton dining set is beautifully designed and crafted from Ash Wood. The raw, natural grains and light-wash of the wood add a unique, personal touch to the piece that adds character to the room. The Newton dining set seamlessly combines modern styling with the comfort of home dining with the perfect mix of natural elements.

The elegant Newton dining chairs are crafted from durable Ash Wood, and a 100% Polyester smart fabric that is water repellent, making them ideal for family dining. The chairs are upholstered in a soft, creamy fabric that allows you to easily complement the style and colour palette of your dining room.

The Newton dining set allows you to take inspiration from various current trends and create the ultimate dining experience for your family and friends. The clean, contemporary design of the Newton dining set ensures that it will remain in style as the trends continue to change. The six-seater dining set allows you to enjoy either a small, intimate meal with your family or host a lavish dinner party with friends.

Accidents do happen, especially with family dining, luckily the Newton dining chairs are easily to clean. We recommend that if there any serious stains or marks on the dining chairs that they are professionally dry cleaned. The Newton dining table can also be cleaned by wiping it down with a soft, damp cloth after every use.

The Newton dining set will be the main attraction in your dining room with its simplistic elegance. Your dining room can be easily styled in various different ways by using our range of luxurious home décor pieces from carpets and servers, to ornaments and lighting. 

We have crafted the Newton dining table for those that love to host intimate dinner parties with friends, as well as enjoy home cooked meals with their family. The Newton dining set was skillfully designed to combine minimalistic and modern designs. The washed Ash wood adds a unique touch to the dining room with the natural, raw grains of the Ash wood on display. The beautiful warm toned wood pairs perfectly with the creamy beige upholstered chairs. The 100% Polyester smart fabric that is used to create the comfortable Newton dining chairs has been uniquely formulated to be water repellent, making these chairs perfect for family dining.