July 23, 2021



When it comes to planning and setting up the perfect office space for you and your team to be productive in there are many things that you need to take into consideration. Whether you are working from home or in the office building, creating a space that is your own and that you feel comfortable and creative in is vital.



The first, most obvious thing to account for is how much space you will need for your office. Will this space be exclusively used for desk work or do you need more space to lay out your creative projects and create large mind maps to plan out your next venture – whichever it is, having the right amount of space will affect your mood as well as your level of productivity. It is important that the space that will function as your office is not too small, this can lead to you feeling cramped and enclosed, leading to lower levels of creativity and productivity. Bigger spaces allow you to move around and have space to create designated zones in your office.


It has been found in a scientific study that exposure to sunlight in the workplace caused a powerful effect on the mental health of employees, boosting their mood and reducing their anxiety. When employees are in a better mood with lower anxiety levels it can almost directly translate into increased levels of productivity and high-quality work. Individuals that are exposed to both direct and indirect sunlight are reported to have higher job satisfaction.
To ensure that you receive a decent amount of exposure to sunlight, whether direct or indirect, you need to have some windows in your office space. This will allow the sun to light up your space and make the room feel bigger and brighter.


Sound in the workplace is often a big debate, with some workers saying it is difficult to work with lots of noise and distractions and others saying it helps them zone into their work and be more creative. It is best to do what works best for you while still being considerate of others if you work in an open plan office space. If you prefer to work with background noise but the majority of your colleagues do not try using earphones or headphones to listen to your music or a podcast. If you are the only one in your team that does not like to listen to the radio or music while you work, we suggest that you invest in noise cancelling headphones to reduce the distracting noise.


Once you have chosen your designated office space it is then time to fill it with all of your office furniture from office desks and office chairs to cabinets and shelving units.


The main furniture piece in any office is the study desk or office desk. This is where you will spend majority of your time while you are working and so it is important that it is both stylish and functional. Normally desks are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles so you have the freedom to choose one that fits all of your criteria and requirements. When looking for a desk for your office consider the shape and size of the room so that it does not take up too much space and make the space feel smaller and more cramped.


After the office desk, the next most important furniture piece for your office is your desk chair. While you can cut costs in a lot of places when furnishing your office, your office chair should not be one of them, especially if you plan on working long hours. By getting an office chair that is comfortable and supportive you get the back support that you need when sitting in one position for long periods of time.


Keeping your office space neat and tidy will allow you to focus on your work without feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Once you have placed all of your main furniture pieces such as your desk and desk chair, you can now think about how you want to organise your office and what furniture piece you need to do that, whether it is extra shelving or filing cabinets. Even if you don’t have a lot of space in your office, making organisation a priority will help you in the long run.

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