July 27, 2021


Investing in your furniture no longer means you have to restrict your décor styling to one particular aesthetic to suit a bold, unique furniture piece. Investing in furniture allows you to have staple pieces of furniture in your home that will stand the test of time, making it a sensible, long-term investment. 

Quality is an obvious must when investing in furniture. High-quality furniture is crafted from high-quality materials meaning that it is built to last for longer and keep its premium look and feel for many years. It is important to remember that trends change frequently, and if you solely purchase furniture based on what is currently trending as well as what is cheaper you may end up with a house that is full of cheap, outdated furniture in a few years’ time.



Each room in your home has one or two main furniture pieces that make up the room and are there for the main function of that room. Your couch or lounge suite is the main furniture item for your living room, without this piece of furniture your lounge will be incomplete. As you will be spending a large amount of your time in your living room on your sofa, it is important that your sofa is of excellent quality, relatively easy to clean and maintain, and importantly of a classic, timeless design.

Designers tip:

Spend a little more for a sofa with a stain-resistant fabric to ensure it will look good for many years


The bedroom is one of the rooms in the home where you can change your styling or aesthetic based on the individuals personal style. It is also one of the rooms in the home that needs to make you feel comfortable and calm. When it comes to choosing your bedroom set you can choose from either a beautifully upholstered option, a classic wooden set or a modern metal frame. While these options are all very different, you can choose a style in each that is of excellent quality and will last for many years.  
Your bedroom set needs to be of excellent quality to ensure that it can bare the load over the years and still remain in pristine condition. It is important to research the care and maintenance necessary for the material type of your bedroom set beforehand so you are aware of how you need to clean and maintain your bed frame to help it keep its look and feel over the years.


While the dining room is not the main room of the home that you and your family spend the most time in, it is still an important part of your home and ensuring that your dining room furniture is of good quality will make you want to spend more time in there. By investing in your dining room table, you are creating a space where you and your family and friends will sit around and share a meal together, swap stories and make lasting memories. Depending of the shape and size of the dining room in your home you can choose a beautifully crafted dining table that will effortlessly become the main star of the room with your family and guests sitting around it conversing.
Your dining table does not have to be of a traditional material like wood, it can also be crafted from other premium quality materials such as metal, glass and marble. These premium quality materials are both stylish and sustainable and will withstand the test of time, if partnered with the right care. Choose a dining table that is a simple yet timeless design and you can pair it with more trendy dining room chairs and other dining room furniture and unique décor pieces.


Rugs are an excellent statement piece for any room, and function as a great starting point when you are aiming to define the size and scale of the room. Not only do rugs act as an insulator to warm up your floors, but they can also be used to incorporate colour, texture and patterns into the interior space in either a subtle or bold manner. In order to get the most out of your rug, opt for a rug that has been made from a synthetic blend as it will last longer and will be easier and cheaper to clean in the long run.


Similar to rugs, art can instantly bring life to any empty space. Building an art collection is an incredible investment for your home as their value does not decrease over time, and it is more likely that no one else will have the same pieces that you do – making it that much more special. Original art allows you to incorporate the colours of the artwork into the room to create a complete, cohesive feel.


Storage is a vital part of any home, and we all often find ourselves searching for new placing to store things as our homes and families continue to grow and expand. A chest of drawers is a basic yet universal piece of furniture that is ideal for when you need additional storage space. A chest of drawers can be styled as a hall table, an anchor in your living room, or as an excellent dresser in your bedroom for extra storage.

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