August 24, 2021 3 min read


Bored of your dull living room and those bland walls? Then it is time to amp up your home with elegant wall décorfor your living room. Living rooms reveal your personality. It is almost like your signature that is left on your walls. So, whether you are a travel buff, a fashionista or an art enthusiast, you can have stylish and classy wall décor. 

Art undoubtedly attracts attention. Let a large painting be the centerpiece of one of your living room walls and watch its charm unfold. You can choose an abstract paintingor also go for a minimalistic black and white photograph – absolutely up to you. But, bet on art for sure for small living room wall décor.

How much art will feel overwhelming, or what to hang where, or how much white space to leave on the walls is all a matter personal preference, of course. Some people feel more at peace with next to nothing on a wall or in a room, and some feel unsettled with too little in a room. Every home has unique needs, too! It isn’t possible to define what will feel right for everyone, but it’s fun to assess what you like so you can begin to feel confident in your own style.

With that being said, we have put together a few guidelines for you;

  1. Vary the numbers of number of items on each wall (so you don’t have the same number of art pieces on each wall). For example, if you have sixed medium sized canvas art pieces on a wall in your living room, opt for one eye catching piece in your living room.


  1. Use a variety of types and shapes of objects on the walls around the room for more interest. Fell free to play round with shapes, textures and designs. Don’t be scared to style a art piece next to a metal wall décor piece.


  1. Consider the size and scale of the art piece as well as they room. Bigger art pieces or groups of art will make a greater impact than a single small framed piece you can hardly see across the room.


  1. Strive for a cohesive feel to the colours, moods, textures, scale and wood tones of all objects on the walls around the room. If anything feels like it’s clashing or overwhelming something else, consider what you could tweak to create a more unified look.


  1. You can use more than one mirrorwithin a room, but vary the sizes. One large mirror in a room is enough to be a statement piece (unless you are intentionally using a pair of matching mirrors over twin beds or a sofa or something). Additional mirrors on other walls in a room should be smaller in size, grouped together as a collection or gallery wall, or different shapes.


  1. If mirrors are not your style, wall clocks are a great alternative – style various wall clocks on a wall to create a unique and interesting look and feel in your space.


  1. Sculpted pieces of brass create a industrial look and feel. If you are after a minimalistic look in your home, brass like wall artis a great choice that can very easily and quickly transform your blank wall into a master piece.


No matter what your end goal or vision, at a Leather Gallery furniture shop near you, we can assist in making your wall décor dreams a reality.