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Using trays for functionality and aesthetics

May 26, 2022 3 min read

Using trays for functionality and aesthetics

The tray is a relatively small decorative item that can be used for several different things. However, despite being such a small item for decoration, it has a major impact on spaces. It has a subtle way of adding immense depth to a room. Sometimes, the difference is made by the tray set-up and not the tray itself and which can give you an idea of how impactful a tray really can be within a space.

Trays are the ultimate home decoration weapons and one of the most versatile decoration options. Trays can be used to fill empty spots or as décor backdrops, a tray will most certainly complete the look of any interior design.  

Small trays

  • A smaller-sized tray can fit in smaller spaces, which gives you the ability to add a tray to a space that you thought might not be able to accommodate one. Small trays are ideal for bringing a few things together to brighten up a spot where a large tray just will not work. The Faye Glass Tray is perfect for bringing a gentle décor element to your rooms.

Trays make the perfect base

  • Use a tray to serve as the base for a centerpiece on tables. Usually, when centerpiece components are grouped on some kind of base, it tends to have more of a presence and looks more “important”. Trays such as the Alessia Marble and Malik Mirror will have a huge influence on how your table centerpiece is viewed.

Welcome your guests with a tray

  • Impressions are everything! And the impression you will make on your guests just by using a tray is quite a wonderful thing. Place a tray with beautiful essentials for your overnight guests such as special soaps, reading material, bottles of water, some chocolates, and whatever else you may feel your guests will appreciate. The Dunes tray is the most suitable fit for your guest trays as it has raised sides that will be able to support all of the things you wish to add to your tray setup.

Trays are great organizers

  • Anything can be kept organized with the use of a decorative tray as they have the gentle ability to organize in plain sight and still able to be kept with the decorative theme you have within your interior.

Create the perfect tray-scape

  • A tray set-up should always include three elements such as texture, space, and varying heights. While you can fill up a tray with as many objects as you’d like, tray set-up tends to look more visually appealing when they include the mentioned elements. This also assists in deciding what you would like to add to your tray and what you should stay away from if you wish to set up an aesthetically pleasing tray scape.

Add texture with trays

  • Trays have a way of adding texture and colour to a space and the Sadie Swirlis perfect for this. A beautifully coloured tray with gold accents, the Sadie is a stunning tray that will bring luxury into your interior. The Lucia tray is also another very exquisite coloured tray and has some textural elements to it, which will add a nice pop of colour to your design.

Breakfast trays are good for when serving breakfast, it brings a nice feel to the process of serving food, and can impact the way food is enjoyed. Trays are used throughout the house, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and lounges. It truly is a versatile option for when decorating. Trays are purposeful and extremely useful, with extensive durability. Choosing one or many trays for your space will be one of the best decisions you will make. Bring the functional luxury of trays into your home by creating a tray scape that personalized to your taste and style.