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Moody interiors: set the right mood within your space

May 27, 2022 4 min read

Moody interiors: set the right mood within your space

It has been said that any setting that makes you feel cosy and brings a sense of emotional depth to your space can be considered the theme for your moody interior design. So, that would mean moody interior concepts are derived based on your tastes. A moody interior calms you and allows you to find great comfort within the space. The colours and patterns that are featured in the moody interior concept that makes you feel most at ease are what you should follow through with. 

While “moody” interiors seem to have the undertone of dark and heavy vibes, it actually has become a very popular concept over recent years. People are embracing their true selves and most of the time they find that subtle moody shades and moody tones are what they really like and have begun incorporating this into their home designs. 


Moody colours

Moody colours automatically translate to a moody atmosphere that invites you to sit down and relax, read, sit by the fireplace, or gather around a table. It is a sort of nourishment for the soul to create an environment that is moody and colours play a major role in this. Deep, dark blue tones, also known as, greyish petrol, are usually the base from which moody colour begins to transform from. These shades are the most common within moody interiors despite blue being considered a cold colour, its dark hues embody a moody atmosphere. These colours are easy to work with and set the tone for the entire moody concept quite naturally. Moody colours have a very basic palette and other colours, which may not necessarily be moody, can be included to create the setting that best suits you and your preferences.



Moody lighting is a common choice of lighting in many interior concepts regardless if it is a moody setting or not. Lighting has an impact on the way an environment is perceived and dim, warm lighting is far more appealing than a bright cafeteria light for instance. Choose lighting that works for you and not against you. Look at your options and the functions of the rooms you wish to add moody lighting too. If you do not need bright lighting then it's recommended that you go with the dimmer choices. A dimmer switch is perfect for this, it allows you to control how bright you would like the lighting in your space and you can set it accordingly. Using tealights and string lights along shelves, above a doorway, or in a big glass jar brings a beautiful aesthetic and is relatively simple to create. And what mood isn’t set without some candles, these are your best of friends when setting up a moody concept space. Candles always have a way of enhancing the mood of a room. 



Patterns can be pretty interesting when it comes to moody interiors. The moody concept can be accepting of patterns; however, a gentler approach will need to be taken concerning this. Patterns can be slightly overwhelming if it is not introduced to the space correctly. Selecting softer, abstract patterns will work better in moody spaces and will blend nicely with moody colours. Intricate and extreme patterns can be used if they’re in spaces of the interior that is bare. When working with patterns, create depth by using solid colours and adding subtle patterns to it such as ceilings, which are great for when you want to add patterns to this type of interior. A patterned ceiling can be personalized and will bring a wonderful feel to the room. On the other hand, a single palm leaf in a vase is the ideal pop of colour and the right kind of patterning that complement moody interiors well. 


Texture, sound, style, and comfort

You always want to bring in things that look and feel comfortable to a moody space. Items that quickly evoke a “stay awhile” mood. Our senses are vital contributors to how our mood develops within a space, so adding things that feel and smell good, automatically will enhance your mood and make you feel good about the space that you are in. Forest objects, fur throws, and soy candles are some of the things that can add a good scent and a good feel to your moody interiors. Squishy sofas, fluffy pillows, and thick pile rugs add major comfort and are soft to the touch. These allow your body to find rest and that in itself is an important component of making you feel good. Soothing music should almost always be accompanied by moody designs. It sets the most beautiful tone for conversation and even when you just want to spend time by yourself. 

Eclectic rooms traditionally feels cosier than minimalist rooms and adding history to the space warms it up nicely. Now that winter is closing in on us, opting for a moody concept for your interior space such as a lounge or bedroom can bring endless amounts of warmth and comfort. Since you will be inside most of the time, you will need the right mood and setting for you to feel at your best. 

Essentially, creating a moody interior is a way of manipulating the space around you to make you feel settled and comfortable. With this in mind, moody interiors allow you to bring yourself into the design by adding textures, colours, patterns, and pieces that work for you.