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May 17, 2021 4 min read

When it comes to a couch, there are many do’s and don’ts. Once you have chosen the perfect corner sofa for your home, the challenging part is really where to place it and how to go about styling it. Corner couches are really a great option for your living room if you are looking for a couch with some extra seating space. Corner sofas also have a canny way of adding comfort to your living room and makes it feel warm and inviting. We have put together a few things to consider before purchasing a corner couch.
First things first, let’s start with the basics, what is a sectional sofa? A sectional sofa or sectional couch is a couch that is composed of two or more pieces that are put together to create one couch or sofa. Most sectional couches are created from two to as many as six separate pieces, these pieces can either be fixed, meaning they fit together in only one configuration, or modular, which means they can be combined together in a number of different ways. Generally speaking, the more pieces, the more expensive the sectional couchwill be, though having reclining features on your corner couch and certain upholstery options can also increase the price of your sectional couch.


Different sectional couch pieces are typically described as either left facing or right facing, depending on their orientation. To determine whether a chaise couch is left or right facing, stand facing your sectional couch. If the sofa arm is on the left, you’re looking at a left facing chaise sectional piece.



To determine whether a sectional sofapiece is left facing or right facing, stand facing the sofa piece in your livening room or furniture shop if you are still shopping for the perfect sectional couch. If the sofa arm is on the right side, you’re looking at a right-facing sectional piece. In modular sectionals, some pieces of sofa might not have arms and would not be described as either left or right facing.


It is very important to measure your space before ordering your corner couch, this will ensure that your brand new corner sofa will be the right fit for your livening room. Make sure to know the exact measurements for all of the walls in your living room. Sectional couches are typically great in the corner of your living room, up against two walls.
Create a basic floor plan with the corner couch you have in mind. Lay out the style, shape and size of the corner couch to help you visualize what it will look like in your living room. Doing this will also help you decide where to place the rest of the furniture items in your livening room such as your coffee table or side tables.
If you are looking for a sectional sofa for your living room, consider where your TV currently is. The placement of your TV will need to be considered when purchasing a corner couch. Make sure that the design and layout of the corner sofa allows for laid back lounging, most importantly make sure that every seat has a good view of the TV.


Decisions, decisions, decisions — when it comes to upholstery, the endless number of upholstery choices can make picking the right fabric quite daunting. Pattern or solid? Bold colour or neutral? Fabric or leather? There are infinite possibilities to express yourself while setting the tone of a room with upholstery.
No matter what size, shape, design or upholstery options you are looking for, there is a sectional couch for sale that will complete your home at a Leather Gallery Furniture Store near you.


The Manhattan Leather Sectional Sofais abundantly spacious with its generously sized seats. Perfect for entertaining all of your friends and family, the Manhattan Leather Sectional Couch features a classic design that is complemented by the thick, plush padding. The Manhattan Leather Corner Couchhas been crafted from full genuine leather, this adds to the luxurious look and feel of the corner couch. Featuring two reclining seats on either end, movie night has never looked so good.

The Manhattan Leather Corner Couch features a spacious home theatre console that is perfect for storing all your home entertainment essentials. The Manhattan Leather Corner Couch is the epitome of luxurious lounging, the Manhattan Leather Corner Couch can be made to perfectly fill your space by adding in an armless chair on either end of the couch. The home theatre console of the Manhattan Leather Corner Couch can be moved and placed where you would prefer, the options to fully customise this leather corner couch make it the perfect home furniture piece. Add texture and colour to the Manhattan Leather Corner Couch by styling a range of scatter cushions all over the sofa.

The fine stitched detail of the Arizona Chaise combined with the slightly rounded armrests and deep-cushioned seating creates a stylish living room suite that won’t go unnoticed.

The Arizona Chaise Fabric Couch features soft, high-density foam inners, making the cushions luxuriously soft, allowing you and your family to feel right at home as you sink into the unbelievably comfortable sofa that has been crafted from the highest quality fabrics. The Arizona Chaise is available in our classic stocked colour, as well as 19 special order colours. Our wide range of fabric colours allows you the freedom to fully customise your Arizona Chaise Fabric Corner Couch to perfectly suit your living room.
The Arizona Chaise Fabric Couch can be styled in many ways to achieve various different style aesthetics. Our range of home furniture pieces and décor items can be used to complete your living room and make the Arizona Chaise Fabric Couch look complete. We love to style the Arizona Chaise with a wooden coffee tableand side tables, as well as plush carpets to create a warm, inviting space. When we have a bolder colour choice such as vibrant blues or reds, for our Arizona Chaise, we prefer to style it with metal and glass coffee tables and side tables and finish it off with vibrant, patterned cushions and carpets to create a unique living space.