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Why support locally made products?

July 13, 2022 2 min read

Why support locally made products?

A recent survey has indicated that South Africans are increasingly supporting local businesses, with almost 99.5% of the participants stating that they support local businesses because they want to build the local economy and give back to the community. This is great news for South Africans running their businesses, especially now when the economy is under a lot of strain. The current state of the economy following fuel increases and post-covid recovery is tremendously affecting the livelihoods of the people in South Africa. We are aware of how every one of us faces some negative impacts due to the strain on the economy in South Africa. This has led to supporting locals becoming more vital than ever.

Local businesses play an integral part in creating jobs and alleviation of poverty. These businesses also have a solid understanding of what works for South Africans and what does not. There is nothing better than having a product manufactured for you by people that know you. This stands to be one of the most worthwhile things about supporting locals. South Africans understand South Africans. The style and quality are matched up to the standards you expect because local businesses are aware of what is important to you when spending your money. During a time such as this, you’ll want to make every cent count, therefore, supporting locals becomes tempting.

Communities tend to trust local businesses for their quality and style and this is likely to continue for the years to come. Building trust and positivity will open minds and hearts and will lead to us becoming more independent as a country. A more connected South Africa will ultimately become more resilient and self-reliant. This is especially important during times of uncertainty, which we have faced since the beginning of the pandemic, during the unrest in 2021, and now that our economy takes some hard blows.

South Africa needs to demonstrate national pride and by supporting locals, we will show confidence in the products that are made right here on our soil. Buying locally directly strengthens South Africa, and the wealth of our country is contained when we purchase local products. South African products are likely tailored to meet the uniquely South African challenges that are faced in the local community

At Leather Gallery, we pride ourselves on sourcing some of the most-loved pieces from proudly South African manufacturers. Most of the pieces we bring have in some way played a role in developing the South African economy while actively contributing to the tones, looks, and aesthetics that the population in South Africa leans towards.

The environmental benefits of supporting locally made products are almost endless. Unnecessary transportation and delivery are eliminated and thus producing less waste in ways such as reducing the amount of packaging being used.

Supporting locals has a way of making you feel good and fulfilled knowing that you are helping your local producers keep their businesses up and running while also furnishing your home with authentic pieces that enhance your home’s interior. This will, in turn, increase our prosperity for us as a whole.