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At Leather Gallery, we are renowned for our premium quality furniture, and we pride ourselves on producing stylish, high quality furniture pieces that effortlessly suit the style of your home. Expertly crafted to complement your lifestyle in terms of comfort, character and style, our wide range of coffee tables are available in a selection of styles, shapes, sizes and designs. ...

Coffee tables add a functional element to your living room that also adds an interesting design element. At Leather Gallery we offer a wide selection of coffee tables that are crafted from a variety of different materials, namely wood, metal, marble, stone, and glass coffee tables. Our wide selection of coffee tables come in various shapes, sizes and configurations to effortlessly complement your living space.

A few of our coffee tables are available as a nesting set. Nesting coffee tables are becoming increasingly popular as you can tuck them together if you need more room to move around or pull them apart if you need more space when hosting your friends and family.

All perfectly styled living rooms start with a well thought out plan that includes even the small spaces, such as your coffee table. These small spaces make a big impact and can influence the look and feel of your space. We have curated our selection of coffee tables to ensure that we have something for everyone and that all spaces are catered for, whether your living room is grand and open or if you are tight on space, we have a coffee table for you.

When it comes to design styles, we at Leather Gallery understand that no one is exclusively one design style, we all like various aspects of various different styles which allows us to create a diverse yet cohesive look and feel. Whether you are looking at making a bold statement with an over-the-top elaborate coffee table, or you are after an understated minimalistic look, we are certain we have a coffee table to beautifully complete your living room.

Coffee tables are an integral part of our home décor, they often complete the look and feel of a room as well as provide storage. Our range of curated coffee tables have been carefully selected to meet all our customers’ expectations and needs.

Shop our range of coffee tables online or at a Leather Gallery showroom near you.

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