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The creative team at Leather Gallery

May 19, 2022 3 min read

The creative team at Leather Gallery

Let us introduce you to our creative team here at Leather Gallery.

We have the privilege of working with an internal creative team that consists of some of the most qualified and inspired individuals within their respective fields. While creativity may seem like one of the most vital aspects of a creative team, there is so much more our team is made up of, and we must tell you about it. Creative teams are made up of numerous members that contribute separately to bring together ideas and projects of phenomenal standards and even more astounding results. We infuse each day with limitless finesse, imagination, artistry, and originality.

Due to our creative team being internal, we can give intense focus to all of our projects, which allows us to bring supreme quality products and services to our customers. At the forefront of our business are our customers and their needs, we work to ensure that every aspect of the client experience with the Leather Gallery brand is a smooth and gratifying one. The designers and stylists within our creative team begin with in-depth research to find the highest-quality products to match the preferences of our clients. Thereafter, we come together and collaborate! Our creative team take on a very subtle “support” role here at Leather Gallery to work across departments to bring a sensational sense of creative thinking to our processes. After we have sourced products, we start looking at innovative ways to let our clients know about these products and that is where our photography team come in. Our expert photographers are passionate and have an eye for detail, which allows them to take product shots that are of exceptional standards so that our customers can view anything and everything that we offer effortlessly online.

When our product images are shot it is sent to our graphic designers, these team members are really the wizards in our creative world. They are able to design eye-catching and informative advertisements using these images so that we can bring our products to life online. Our graphic designers and the entire creative team as a whole have a shared sense of purpose, which is one of the things we all have in common. Each one of the members of our creative team has a deep understanding of the culture and fit here at Leather Gallery. We all believe in one thing, and that is, bringing our customers luxury living. After the talented graphic designer has supplied our social media coordinator, copywriter, and website manager with the advertisements, our customers are supplied with some of the most high-resolution, detailed, and focused adverts on products that we have within our stores and online. We begin to inventively post content throughout our online platforms. This process has led our creative team to become experts in balancing the demands of customers, co-workers, and senior leaders.

We like to think of the creative team as a central channel that brings the business together. Investing in building strong relationships with stakeholders to bring our vision of “marrying modern technology to the time-honoured techniques of traditional craftsmanship” in play and is something that we prioritize regularly.  We take the ideas we receive from each department, understand these ideas and translate them into a reality. Our list of goals is to find new and exciting ways to improve Leather Gallery’s marketing, product, and service output by focusing on our creative output and following the brand and its mission intently. Understanding the Leather Gallery brand at a fundamental level makes having an internal creative team endlessly advantageous. This allows the team to develop deep industry expertise and domain-specific expertise. It brings new ways to be able to create connections with leaders that push forward creative projects to a distinctively higher level. We value our team members for everything that they can offer to the team, the business, and our customers as our team members pay close attention to detail, listen broadly to customers and co-workers alike, and feed resourceful information to all of the channels to bring a certain superior standard to what we stand for at Leather Gallery.

Most of the time, we do not follow a working “on” the brand concept instead we look at working “in” the brand rather. This gives our creative team an intimate experience with the brand making it a brand that we are constantly familiar with regardless of the projects we take on for the Leather Gallery brand. The fun and pleasure we take in creating for Leather Gallery cannot be explained, it is an experience in itself. Undefined and mostly felt. A great sense of delight is derived from the work we do as a creative team and this is more especially when we see that our customers and co-workers are satisfied with their experiences.