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5 rules for accent walls

May 18, 2022 4 min read

5 rules for accent walls
Accents walls are said to be well and alive in the decorating world. More and more people are making regular changes to their spaces to bring in a bit of quirk, modern stylings, and to stay up-to-date with trends that are becoming increasingly popular. These accent walls, which are also known as feature walls, are being used to create elegant, playful, and restful rooms. They allow you to explore your creativity while also contributing to drastic changes within your home.


An accent wall is a wall within your interior space that is different from the other walls in the room. Any room in your house can be transformed into an accent room. Usually, these walls are used for aesthetics alone or sometimes to highlight or frame some decorative elements such as a painting. An accent wall can simply just feature a different design regarding colour or material compared to the rest of the walls within a room. A room can be completely wallpapered with just one wall that is painted or a room can be painted with just one wall that has wallpaper. This serves the purpose of breaking up the pattern that has been created by the other walls. Most of the time, paint is the cheapest and easiest way to add a little drama to a room. Painting an accent wall will bring visual interest to a space that might need a bit of spicing up.
Did you know? Using a primer before painting your accent wall is a sure way of assisting in making the surface you want to paint smooth and helps the paint adhere to the wall. Primer also works great when you want to paint a light colour over a dark colour or if you want to cover up a semi-gloss or gloss finish.


When painting an accent wall, look for the focal point within a room, which is a space or wall in a room where your eyes are naturally drawn. Focal points are most likely walls that have architectural details such as built-in bookshelves or a fireplace. Choosing to highlight walls with architectural elements will make the process of creating an accent wall much more effortless.


Almost any room in the house can have an accent wall. In bedrooms, the wall that the headboard is on is the best choice to make your accent wall. You could make use of a collection of paintings you have when looking for items or accessories to feature on your accent wall. Painting the wall you choose to highlight your artwork on will decrease the awkwardness of the wall and room as a whole. In the lounge area of your home, the wall that the TV sits on is a perfect choice of a wall to turn into an accent wall. Long and narrow rooms will do well when short walls at the end are painted. This will make the wall seem closer and less oblong.

5 rules for decorating accents walls:

  1. The 60-30-10 rule - This rule is the basis of any accent wall when you decide you want to use paint to decorate your wall. This will add an exquisite pop of colour to your space.

  • 60% of the room should be the dominant colour.

  • 30% of the room should be a secondary colour.

  • 10% of the room should be the accent colour.


  1. When using wallpaper as an accent wall.

Making use of wallpaper for your accent wall is an extremely simple way that will bring a major change to your room. Wallpaper choices are endless. There is almost wallpaper for any theme that you wish to go with from bohemian to industrial. When selecting wallpaper, ensure that it blends well with the dominant colours of your room by following the 60-30-10 rule.


  1. Be bold.

Go all out when deciding on doing an accent wall. Be bright and bold with your choices and let your creativity flow through the project. This will bring a lovely personalized feel to your accent wall and make it unique to your room and house.  


  1. Symmetrical walls

The wall you select to be your accent wall should be symmetrical. This wall should not include windows of different sizes, odd niches, or have a slope. This would not allow you to decorate your wall in a balanced way.


  1. The fifth wall.

Now, if your room does not have a wall that can be used as an accent wall, the fifth wall, which is the ceiling, can be transformed to create a wonderful depth in your room. With the ceiling you don’t need to add much, just making the right colour choice will add major benefits to your space, consider the tone of the room and go with that.



Accent walls are back this year and are more popular than they have ever been. 2022 is known to be the year of eccentric concepts and what better way to add that to your lifestyle than by starting an accent wall project. You can bring so much more to your space by designing and creating an accent wall. This move may just be the easiest way to make your home more exciting and bring a distinctive touch to it.