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Celebrating Dad’s favourite spaces at home

June 06, 2022 3 min read

Celebrating Dad’s favourite spaces at home

The idea of quiet time at home might probably be the one thing dads find the most appealing about their time at home. Okay, that may not be quite true, we know dad also loves spending time with his kids too, mentoring, protecting, and most importantly, loving them. That is what dads do, it’s a natural process for him, however, we know dad needs his time to recharge so that he can continue to be the best that he can be for his family. Home truly is where dad’s heart is and we’re pretty certain that he enjoys the comfort of his home and the joys of being in his space. Whether it’s the lounge or area to watch the game or his full-on man cave for a drink or two with his best bud, he appreciates the utter serenity of being able to embrace the time he gets to refuel his energy tanks.

Like dad appreciates a well-engineered piece of machinery or a thoroughly competitive game of rugby, having well-selected pieces of décor within his home will be greatly appreciated too! This is why we’ve plunged deep into finding out how to celebrate the spaces in and around the home that will make dad feel snug and restful.

The lounge

General areas within homes usually have a neutral theme and the lounge space is one of these spaces. The lounge area is one of the places dad spends a lot of time watching his favourite show or sneaking in a small power nap. So, would it not make sense that it has a subtle masculine touch to make him feel one with his home? Now, a nice leather recliner suite such as the Geneva would be perfect for comfort and aesthetics. Its warm tones and its ability to keep one comfortable enough for more than just a power nap make it ideal for dad. He most likely will name the 1-seater leather recliner as “dad’s couch”, and one would definitely have a bit of a struggle getting him off the couch and outside to mow the lawn, but it is totally worth it. Dad deserves ultimate comfort, and a happy dad means a happy family.


The “man cave”

“Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.” We love an art-loving dad. We know dads love a man cave, it’s the one space in the home that he can retreat to. This space gives him the freedom to express himself fully without any interference in his choices. Getting dad a nicely framed art piece that will bring a solid ambiance to his man cave can be a great idea to make him happy. Pieces like the Nguni Fieldsor Women in Red can be attractive additions to his space and we’re certain he will be pleased to see that you’re interested in making his man cave look and feel good for him. Man caves are normally very personalised spaces and so, it is sensible to consider the theme dad has going on within the space when getting him a décor piece.


The bedroom

Oh, we know! We know how much dad loves this room at home. Dad might be able to embrace his feminine side by letting mom get away with the floral bedding, all he really cares about is how comfortable the bed is and if he is going to be able to get an extra hour of sleep on the weekend. You can easily create a dreamy atmosphere for dad to rest and relax in after a long day with a good, reliable bed frame. The Roscoe Slattedwood bed frame is a stunning choice. A bed frame is a sturdy structure that holds mattresses firmly in place so that dad can rest in luxurious comfort. A well-rested dad is a pleased dad, and to have your dad pleased is absolute bliss.

Dads are pretty simple beings, uncomplicated, they’re usually happiest when their family is well taken care of and happy themselves. This is the ultimate fulfilment for dads. Finding simple ways to create cosy spaces within the home that celebrates dad is fairly simple too. Just adding a little touch of masculinity and a whole lot of comfort will undeniably be a major benefit to dad. Let dad know that you understand his needs and care about them too by bringing in wonderful pieces to the home that will make winter much warmer for him.