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Wood or metal: the better bed frame

June 03, 2022 2 min read

Wood or metal: the better bed frame

Bedframes are one of the most aesthetic pieces that you could add to your bedroom. It has a way of making the room feel warm and more put together. Bed frames are available in both metal and wood, and choosing between the two can be confusing. Ultimately, you will want to select a bed frame that helps you sleep better at night because the main purpose of the bed frame is to support the mattress that you will be using to sleep on every night.


There are 4 key elements that we look at when deciding on whether a wood or metal bed frame would be the best choice.


We can determine the sturdiness of a bedframe in many ways, regarding bedframes, sturdiness is what holds the bed up. Both metal and wood frames are relatively sturdy. Metal tends to be able to hold up larger, wider mattresses while wood frames can hold up heavier mattresses. A slightly greater sturdiness is shown with wooden frames as wood is heavier and thicker. Both metal and wood frames have sturdier stability systems built-in in the form of slats, which offers comfort and robustness. So, when it comes to the sturdy option, both metal and wood win here.



Comfort is one of the most essential things to look for when buying a bed frame. You want a bed that is extremely comfortable because you will definitely not want to come home after work and go to bed only to toss and turn because of how uncomfortable the bed is. In the past, bed frames used to be noisy because of the way they were structured, however, the design of bedframes has drastically changed over the recent years and the way the frames are created now offers endless comfort and aesthetics. Bedframes such as the Roscoe 4 poster and the Addison 4 poster are the epitome of comfortable bedframes that scream style. Choosing the right mattress for your bed frame is as important as choosing your frame. You will want to select a mattress that fits perfectly into your frame and one that is the most comfortable for you.



Metal and wood bed frames are good options in terms of durability, for millennia, steel has been known for its unparalleled strength and power. Wood on the other hand has also always been known for its solid strength. When these materials are paired with slats to bridge each side of the bed frame, a wonderfully comfortable bed is created. Metal frames now feature new reinforced models, which have fixed its earlier issue of not being able to support heavier individuals.


When cared for properly, bedframes can last for many years and will turn out to be one of the best investments you could make. Bedframes are available in a range of shapes, designs, and colours. The bed is the centerpiece of your room and for your bed to look good, your frame has to look good. Therefore, you want a frame that will be eye-catching and the embodiment of grace and sophisticated style.