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The Modern Bohemian Interior

June 08, 2022 3 min read

The Modern Bohemian Interior

People have been practicing unconventional ways of living for hundreds of years. We know about the conventional ways of life because of how popular it has been throughout the years. Recently, society has looked at approaching ways of life that are most suitable to their personalities, they’re actively choosing not to conform to the general norms. There has been a gentle infusion of lifestyles into homes and the way it is designed. When creating home designs, most people go with concepts that are closely related to their personalities and beliefs. The relaxed bohemian concept of interior designing has evolved in many ways and a large amount of modernism has been slowly introduced and incorporated into it. Choosing to add a bohemian concept to your home can be extremely beneficial for bringing balance and harmony to your life and home.

Boho-chic accents and sleek modern elements are combined to create what is known to be the bohemian style interior design. When it comes to rules for this design concept… well, there are none. There really are no set rules to define this concept of design, however, there are some styling practices that give the theme its boho vibe. Textures, colours, and patterns make up a big part of this design concept. The inspiration for this design style is derived from nature, so more natural themes are followed when designing a space.


For homeowners that appreciate delicate, soft colours and subtle accessories, this design style is ideal. The dominating shades of this concept are:

  • Brown
  • Green
  • Camel
  • Grey
  • White

While these colours stand as basic colour palettes, which are the most common choices for the bohemian theme, modern bohemian interior designs tend to feature more lively colours. Colours such as red, turquoise, and navy blue, are featured in moderation within this theme. Natural colours with strong accessories complement each other well in boho décor.

Material is something that plays another major role in how this design concept is perceived. Materials that strongly refer to nature are widely used. Boho décor features fabrics such as:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Hemp
  • Suede
  • Lace

A unique charm is brought into boho spaces with lace or fringe-trimmed bedsheets and curtains. Wood, wicker, and rattan textures are also used in a boho-style room.

Home interiors are not limited when it comes to the boho theme. Any room in the house can be transformed with this concept. Living rooms to bedrooms can benefit from this décor style. It has a way of bringing relief to your senses with its gentle, light designs and colours. Make use of ambient lighting in boho concepts, this will not only add to the design but will also contribute to how you feel within a space as lighting has a way of enhancing your mood. The boho theme supports artistic pieces that are true to an individual’s personality, therefore, adding pieces to your interior space that you find fitting to your personality and have a good artsy vibe to it.

The boho theme can be at risk of looking kitsch due to the theme having almost an endless range of design possibilities. The theme you wish to go with in terms of the modern boho concept must be well-thought-out so that you can avoid a cluttered interior. The secret to a balanced boho interior is a clever matching of colours, textures, and materials.

When selecting furniture for a boho-themed home, going with neutral, classic colours will always be your best choice. This will give you the freedom to decorate around the bigger furniture pieces and find the correct accents for your space. This theme allows you to be able to change up how you want your space to look even every month if you’d like. Wicker and bamboo accessories are available at many stores now that this design concept has increased in popularity and these will inject generous boho aesthetics into your space. Sticking to nature and the accents that come from it will be advantageous when choosing this theme.