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Décor Look-Board For 2022

March 04, 2022 3 min read

Décor Look-Board For 2022

For many years, interior design trends have been used to help determine the aesthetic of the home. Let’s take a look at what’s trending this year.

Colour Interior Trends

Rich, warm, earthy neutrals seem to be the standard colour for this year’s interior trend, with green peeking through to add a splash of colour in home décor.

Neutrals have evolved from white and beige to bolder colours like taupe and camel. This year will see neutrals combined with more earthy shades like rust, burnt red and brick tones.

Black Accents

A staple colour in every interior design, Neutral décor can be the perfect base to add black accents into your home, adding depth and contrast. Adding black lamps, handles, industrial style furniture with black legs or even just black mirror or frames will help lift a neutral and minimalist space.

Black has become the go-to frame colour when installing doors, windows or even shower cubicles.

Instantly modernise your home by swapping out white coloured window panes with a black or grey coat.

Colourful Kitchens

It is amazing what a little touch of paint can do to breathe new life into a space and completely transform it. Paint your kitchen and kitchen cabinetry with subtle colour that add to the interior wall colour as well as the décor colour.

Painting your kitchen cupboards instead of installing a brand-new set is a simple, and easy way to refresh the look of the room.

Floor And Tile Trends

Add texture to the room by decorating you space with glazed, rustic tiles, this reflects light around the room creating a warm atmosphere.

Industrial style décor is also hugely popular at the moment with steel beams in the kitchen left exposed and people deciding to keep their brick walls on display


Texture is everything when it comes to interior design, adding décor that feature textures creates character within the room. Upcycling and repurposing old pieces of furniture by reupholstering old dining chairs and adding decorative panels to sideboards are a simply but effective way to rejuvenate the room.

Nature And Biophilic Design

Bringing nature into the home has become an integral aspect of decorating. The best way to introduce nature into the home is by using plants such as fiddle leaf fig trees, olive trees and oversized Bird of Paradise plants, these trees make a real statement in the home.

Entangled Design

Creating a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors can be both easy and creative. The best way to incorporate both worlds would be to have big doors that open out onto a decking area or patio. You can style these areas with plants, rugs, and cushioned seating. Your home and garden become an extension of each other.

Earth Inspired Prints

Earthy prints inspired by Chinese and Japanese art, floral design and whimsical foliage prints will be the be the dominant trend in 2022 and wallpaper and fabric designs that include flora and fauna prints will have a huge influence.

Home Offices & Multifunctional Spaces

Closing the gap between home offices and multifunctional spaces will continue to rule as more move to remoting working. Reimagine rooms by incorporating a more permanent desk space and, if possible, erecting purpose-built sheds in the garden or converting lofts or garages into functional office spaces.