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Uncommon tips for decorating in small spaces

June 15, 2022 2 min read

Uncommon tips for decorating in small spaces

When it comes to small spaces, decorating challenges can be presented very quickly with little space to work with and tons of ideas to add. However, having a small space does not necessarily mean that style will be sacrificed. Whether it’s a studio apartment or simply a bedroom in your home that has limited space, there is a range of tips that can be considered when it comes to filling up small spaces with loads of personality. 

Having a small space is an ideal place to create a big impact. 

Minimal colour palette

Keep your colour palette minimal. Around four colours should be enough to help bring the look of your space together. Introducing several colours to the space will add to making the space look and feel much smaller than it already is. You want your space to feel cohesive and not cluttered. You also want to go for colours that complement each other, so having a look into colour theory might be a good idea before you begin decorating.

Multifunctional furniture

Invest in furniture that can do double duty. This will not only help you save money but will also contribute to the design of your space. An interesting beauty bureau can be used as a desk and function as a vanity too. 

Avoid patterns

Patterns have a way of making rooms look smaller. Intricate designs and detailing have a constricting effect. So, you will want to avoid intensely patterned wallpaper and other decorative items that feature patterns. Instead, stick to plain surfaces and designs to open up the space visually. 

Consider visual weight

Take into account the furniture pieces that you have within your space that look and feel bulky. You’ll want to consider changing up furniture that looks heavy for furniture that has light, more modern, subtle designs. This will make your space look airy. 

Leverage transparent objects

Choosing to keep transparent objects like glass vases, jars, and ornaments on high furniture will create the most stunning visual effects in your space. It has a way of beautifully opening up your space while adding sophisticated style to the space. 

Many mirrors

If you could select a single wall in your space to change into a mirror entirely your room might not even need any more decorating done be done to it. Invest in many mirrors for your space. Mirrors make rooms look brighter and bigger and this is the main aim of decorating smaller spaces. 


Creating a big impact in small spaces is actually relatively easy if you follow the right techniques and tips. You can quickly transform a dull small space into a vibrant area that you will love spending time in. The best things about decorating small spaces are that it's cheap, quick, and gives you the freedom to add as much personality as you would like without it getting lost in the design. These simple, fast tips can be used in apartments that are “size challenged” or in any room of your house where you feel should be made to look and feel visually larger.