May 19, 2021 4 min read


Velvet furniture is perfect for the winter season!

During the winter months, when decorating our homes, we are always searching for pieces that offer warmth and comfort. When you are looking for a piece of furniture that equally adds comfort and warmth, as well as opulent, romantic glamour to a space there is only one upholstery type that reigns supreme, and that is velvet!
Influenced by the Elizabethan era, velvetgives a rich and opulent look and feel to a room that will stand the test of time. Velvetis both soft and smooth, and the epitome of luxurious living. The smooth crushed finish and ultra-shiny appearance exude elegance and will instantly add dimension and depth to any interior space. 


Velvet sofas are no longer reserved for the rich and affluent, now velvet is becoming more popular and accessible the more it is incorporated into furniture designs in new ways through various furniture pieces. Velvet sofas often feature unique finishes and designs such as pleating, tufting and deep buttoned detailing. These unique and eye-catching designs adds to the charm and elegance of the velvet fabric and furthers its beauty by drawing more attention to its unique, velvety finish.
Velvet sofas effortlessly add a rich elegance to any room. Available in a variety of warm and cool-toned colours, velvet sofas are extremely easy to style alongside other existing interior pieces, or can be finished in a bold colour, ensuring that it is a striking feature piece in the room.  Velvet sofas are extremely durable and can last in your home for many years to come. Velvet is very difficult to snag, meaning there are no loose threads or raised weaves that can get caught on by zips, buttons and other small things.
Velvet sofasare often interpreted to be hard to clean and maintain due to their association with high status homes and the rich, fine settings they are normal styled in. However, this is not true, velvet sofascan be used for everyday use and will stand the test of time. Synthetic velvets, that are crafted from high-quality Polyester are much less susceptible to stains, marks, fading or crushing. Velvet sofasare also relatively easy to clean and maintain. To ensure that your velvet sofas remains in as good of condition as possible, it is recommended that if something is spilt or dropped on the surface of your velvet sofa that you as possible. This is because it is much easier to clean the velvet before the mark sinks through to the base cloth.


  • Use an absorbent cloth or kitchen towel to soak up the spill before it sinks past the top layer of fabric.
  • You will find that most liquids will sit in droplets on the pile for a moment before they sink though.
  • Dampen a clean, cloth in a solution of warm water and a drop of washing up liquid.
  • Dab the affected area gently to remove any marks. If necessary, rub gently in the direction of the velvet.
  • Avoid getting your velvet furniture too wet. It’s a good idea to take a hairdryer and very gently, on a cool setting, dry the velvet.
  • Stroke gently with your hand to ensure the velvet does not dry in the wrong direction 


If you are hesitant to use velvet on such a large furniture piece such as a sofa, then a velvet occasional chairis the next best thing. A statement velvet accent chairwill never go out of fashion if you choose a colour that complements your existing main furniture pieces. For less of a commitment to velvet, we recommend that you consider a velvet statement chair. Velvet occasional chairs allow you to achieve that same injection of bold colour and luxurious class but in a slightly less extravagant way. 
Many people are under the impression that velvet is a type of fabric when it is in fact a weaving process that can be applied to almost all types of fibres. This difficult and strenuous process of tightly weaving the fibres is what made velvet so valuable and expensive in the days before industrial machines – therefore making it a luxury for the wealthy. In today’s design world, silk still remains very highly rated but due to it being woven using machines and synthetic fibres, it is much more affordable and cost-effective, yet still versatile, durable and practical.
Velvet occasional chairslook perfect in any room in your home. In a living room, they look picture perfect when styled with your sofa suite to complete the conversational area. In a bedroom setting, velvet occasional chairs look dreamy when placed in a pair at the end of your bed to form a sitting area facing either a television or your dresser with a large mirror. Additionally, velvet statement chairscan be used as a dressing table chair to add a pop of glamourous colour and texture to the bedroom suite.


Velvet ottomansare the ultimate functional home accessory in our eyes, and those ottomanswith hidden storage are even better. Velvet ottomansadd glamour and charm to a room, and also function as additional seating space. Similar to velvet occasional chairs, velvet ottomansare the perfect way to incorporate colour into the space in a way that is both tastefully subtle yet impactful and eye-catching.
Ottomansof any kind should not be assigned just to the living room. Ottomanswork beautifully in other rooms in your home too, from your bedroom and dressing room to your sitting room or even your home office. Ottomansare both functional and stylish and provide seating space as well as a place to rest your feet on, or as alternative side tables or coffee tables.


Easily incorporate the velvet trend into your home this winter by bringing in velvet scatter cushions. Incorporating velvet scatter cushions is an easy way to introduce the velvet trend into your interior space. By bringing in velvet scatter cushions, it allows you to easily change up the colours and groupings of your scatter cushions due to their affordability. Velvet scatter cushions pair perfectly with scatter cushionsof various colours and textures and creates an alluring optical illusion and adds an extra layer of lush texture and colour.