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How To Choose The Perfect Couch For Your Lounge

February 28, 2022 3 min read

How To Choose The Perfect Couch For Your Lounge

Buying a couch is one of the most important investments you are likely to make for your home. The right size and shape of a couch greatly affects the design layout of your lounge. It goes without saying that the décor used in your lounge impacts the visual aesthetic of the room however a couch is the focal point of the room – it is the one piece of furniture that we often use to rest, work, and even sleep.

There are a few key things to take into consideration before splurging on a couch.


1. Try before you buy

Just as you would try a mattress before you purchase it, so should your couch be tested before you buy it. The average sofa has a seat depth of at least 60cm, which gives plenty of room to manoeuvre if you have long legs, and allows you to tuck them under if you're shorter. But seat depths do vary, so definitely try out different styles to ensure you get good back support. When it comes to seat height, most designs are between 45cm and 50cm high. There's no right or wrong height, so again, try out numerous different couches before you purchase it to make sure it suits the whole family.


2. Invest in a good frame

Solid frames and good internal spring systems are a great option to invest in when purchasing a couch as this will ensure your couch sees you through many years of lounging. Invest as much as you can on good quality internal framework and check with the manufacturers who offer a guarantee.


3. Check the cushions

The cushionsof a couch are equally important as the rest of the couch. The couch back and seat should offer comfort and support. Feather filled cushions are high on comfort but require regular plumping, while foam or fibre fillings may flatten out and lose their shape over time. Back cushions filled with feathers and seat cushions filled with foam or fibre offer the best of both and works very well for those that want a long-term investment for their living room.


4. Focus on fabric

Choosing the right fabric for your couch is one of the most important parts of choosing a couch. Your choice of colour, pattern and upholstered fabric can have a huge impact on the final look and feel of the room. Natural materials may fade in strong sunlight so go for a synthetic fabric if the sofa will be near a window. It's particularly important in a busy family home, and if you have a dog or cat, opt for a fabric that's easy to spot clean. In this case, loose covers are worth investigating, as they can be removed for cleaning and some are washable too.


5. Measure up

Before purchasing your perfect piece of furniture make sure to measure the room. Get out the tape measure and make sure you're certain of the maximum sofa dimensions that will fit, and suit, your space. Pay attention to the depth of the sofa if you’re buying for a smaller room, as the depth of the seat rarely changes from the larger to smaller size sofas. Also consider the height of the sofa, particularly if your room has radiators or shelving.


6. Shape of the couch

Once you have measured your lounge, decided which fabric you want your couch to be made from and invested in a good frame, consider the shape of the couch. The design of the couch can be customised however the shape of the couch will still affect the other furniture choices in the room.

The L-shape couch means that additional space is needed and if you choose to add a chaise you might want to remeasure the room and keep in mind other furnishings you intend to add to the room. While a sectional couch often works well as a room divider – in an open plan layout this type of couch helps to separate the dining room and lounge. It is an ideal choice for smaller rooms or apartments because it is more space efficient than a sofa plus armchair combination.