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How Light Impacts The Look & Feel Of A Room

March 01, 2022 2 min read

How Light Impacts The Look & Feel Of A Room

Thinking of refreshing the look of your home?

Lighting allows us to influence the mood, look and perception of a room, opening up the space or creating a warm, homely atmosphere by using proper lighting is the best way to refresh your home. A room or home with inadequate lighting often feels cramped, especially if the furniture layout is in close-proximity to each other. Sufficient lighting can be achieved through side lamps, floor lamps and pendant lights.

Many homeowners have a common issue which is on how to decorate a small room and how to make it feel as large and open as possible. While you may not be able to change the actually size of the room, you can create the illusion of a larger space by adding good lighting. The lighting type and placement are both essential aspects of interior design. They work in conjunction with furniture selection, the availability of natural light, room size, and colour selection.

 We’ve put together a few guidelines on how to use lighting to enhance your home.

1. Choose a lamp that complements your style

The first thing to consider when selecting the lighting for your home, is the style of your room’s existing furniture and décor. Traditional, minimalistic or boho-chic, a lamp that complements your furniture can make the room feel comfortable and complete.

2. Select the right size for your space

Lighting features come in many different shapes, sizes and even colours, so you will always have the option to decorate your home according to your taste. Select a lamp that reflects your style but also make sure that it fits into the space that is available for it. For maximum comfort when seated next to a lamp, make sure the bottom of the lamp shade is at eye level.

3. Find the right spot in your room

Side table lamps are perfect additions to your living room, bedroom and even as a desk feature. Proper lighting can increase your comfort level while reading, crafting or working on focused tasks.

Finding the appropriate spot to add lighting to is just as important as finding the right size of lighting fixture. Consider placing a floor lamp in the living room next to one side of your couches and a table lamp on an end table at the other end, this will add more depth to the space and create a homely feel.

You can also create a cosy, well-lit reading spot by adding a floor lamp in the corner of the room.

4. Choose a lamp that is up to the task.

Chose a lighting feature that will add value to your room in style, ambiance and functionality. Enhance the look and feel of the room with lighting that feature adjustable necks and shades that allow flexibility to direct light exactly where you need it. This gives you’re the freedom to really customise the look and feel of your room or home.