May 18, 2021 3 min read

As the leaves on your trees turn from green to shades of brown and orange, cooler days approach. We swop out the ice-cold cool drinks for hot chocolate, we pull the coats and boots from the back of our cupboard, so why not change the interior of our homes, particularly the living room, to be fully prepared for cooler days.


Colour sets a mood in our home. Each colour evokes certain emotions, such as blue which is known for its calming effect it may have while pink is known for its femininity. The tone and shade of colour you use in your living room also play a big part i.e., pastel shades versus deep, saturated hues. Darker, fuller colours offer a more intense dose of colour, whereas pastel tones are a softer way of bringing in colour.
Without a doubt, introducing a new colour palette is one of the easiest and most effective ways of saying ‘Autumn is here!’. Colours we often associate with autumn are reds, oranges and yellows as these are represented in nature. We recommend selecting one of these colours to be an accent colour in your home by adding 3-5 pops of this colour across a room.
For example, caramel tones are big this season and simply using a scatter cushionon your couch, a small vase on your coffee table and a pot or artwork with this colour is enough. Alternatively, you may like to develop a more complex colour palette that uses several colours, such as mainly caramel tones with a few accents of deep green.


It’s no secret that we are all just a little obsessed with scatter cushions. You all pile of pillowssomewhere in our home, right? To get an instant autumn-inspired home interior we recommend swapping the light and bright summer scatter cushions for their warmer, cosier companions.
At Leather Gallery we have a wide range of scatter cushions that are perfect for your home this autumn. Our curated range of scatter cushionshave the perfect scatter cushion to add layers of warmth and comfort to your couch. During cooler months, we like to style scatter cushions that have a soft lux feel such as our magical teal cushion that is made from a velvet-like material.


Some call it sweater weather. We like to refer to autumn as blanket weather. When the weather turns a little cooler, we’re all scrambling for blankets to cosy up on the couchwith. Everybody knows Autumn is all about cosying up by the fireplace with a hot drink and spending time with loved ones. And what is a cosy night by the fire without a comfy throwto wrap around you? Not only do they add texture to a space, but they are perfect for cuddling up with.
This season, there seems to be a trend towards more soft textured throw blankets in pastel hues and luxurious faux fur throws. Just the sight of these will warm up your interiors and when the temperature really drops, you’ll be glad you’ve got a cosy throw within arm’s reach.
As the cooler months are upon us, we recommend layering blankets,throwsand scatter cushions. You can style these items in just about anywhere in your home. Style faux fur throws on the base of your bed to create layers of warmth and comfort, we love to pile on the scatter cushions too!
When creating cosy corners in your home, don’t forget about your couch, your couchcan easily be transformed into a warm, welcoming retreat. Casually drape a throw over the back of your couch or the chaise of your L-shaped couch for cuddling on the couch on cooler evenings. 


As the days get shorter and there’s less natural light coming into your home, it’s time to introduce some cosy, artificial lighting. Floor lampsand table lamps are seriously under-used and it isn’t until you introduce them into your home that you realise how much more inviting this type of light is than downlights from the ceiling.  Our range of lightingoptions will have something to set the perfect tone in every room in your home.
Our range of floor lamps has been carefully curated to suit a wide range of home styles and interiors. Floor lamps are a great way of adding light into a corner of your home that might not get as much natural light, or light from our main lighting source such as your ceiling lights. Styling a floor lamp in the corner of your living room near your couch or occasional chair is a great way to create a cosy corner to snuggle up and read a good book or enjoy a warm drink.