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Introducing the happiest colour to your interior design concepts: yellow

June 02, 2022 2 min read

Introducing the happiest colour to your interior design concepts: yellow

Widely recognized as the happiest colour in the world, yellow is known to be warm and energetic. Studies based on colour psychology have recently come to show that yellow has a subtle way of evoking the good emotions in us. Think about it? How does yellow make you feel? Find something yellow near you or look at this blog cover if you must, how do you feel? Happier? Lighter, and maybe even a bit more cheerful?

The psychological powers of yellow have been linked to the sun. The sun is known to improve and lift our moods, so the gentle connection between yellow and the sun makes way for us to associate yellow with happier feelings. Our brains are programmed to create an invisible string between yellow and the positive effects of the sun. Now, with the knowledge of how major of an impact yellow can actually make on how we feel, do you not have the slightest urge to add something yellow to your interior design? Introducing yellow to your space can be a terribly daunting process, however, with the right guidance, you could possibly create a masterpiece of a design within your home or office. Yellow has a way of creating the illusion of light and this allows you to add a warm glow to any space. Buttery yellow walls bring in the feeling of warmth and coziness while muted yellow walls make the room feel peaceful. Due to its versatility, yellow can be incorporated into a range of interior design concepts.

However, selecting the right shade of yellow is essential because yellow can be quite a stimulating colour, and the brighter the yellow, the more intense of a feeling you will evoke. Too much yellow can increase or even cause anxiety, so it is imperative that some research and testing is done before deciding on the shade of yellow you want to add to your space. In your bedroom, you will want to lean towards the softer shades of yellow as you don’t want to overstimulate your mind before sleeping. You also don’t want to choose a yellow that is going to be difficult for the eye. Subtle shades of yellow work better than bright shades. Yellow can make a room appear larger, which makes it a stellar choice to introduce to smaller spaces.  You don’t want to overpower your design concepts with yellow, instead, you want to make use of accents. The 60%-30%-10% rule is a great one to follow when it comes to adding accents to your interior. The dominant colour of your room should cover 60% of the room, while 30% of the room should be your secondary colour, and 10% of the space will be your accent shade, which in this case, will be yellow. This happy colour can be used in every room within your home and it is known to be a pretty popular choice for kitchens.


Yellow is a welcoming colour that warms up natural tones nicely, the colour also blends very well with white, blue, black, and grey, which allows for a variety when it comes to styling your space with colours.