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Leather Vs. Fabric Couches

June 01, 2022 4 min read

Leather Vs. Fabric Couches

When you move into a house, one of the first things you purchase is a couch. It's a piece that ties up the space and it is where the family spends most of their time together. This makes it a vital piece of furniture within a room. We tend look for comfort and aesthetics when purchasing a couch. Buying a couch is as much an emotional investment as it is a financial one. You will need to be informed properly before you make the decision on which couch is the most suitable for your home and lifestyle.

Leather is usually the more expensive choice of the two options; however, you almost always get your money’s worth with leather purchases. While fabric tends to be the cheaper option, this does not mean that the quality is compromised. We think that when it comes to making a choice between leather a fabric, everything is dependent on your preferences ultimately.


Let’s look at the three C’s of leather vs fabric couch purchases: comfort, cost, and colour.


  1. Comfort

The comfort of a couch is undoubtedly the most essential element that needs to be considered when purchasing a couch. Both leather and fabric couches offer a range of comfortable choices. Leather is essentially animal hide that has been treated with chemicals to provide a luxurious material, which can be used to manufacture a range of products from car seats to elegant couches. Whereas fabric is cloth and this opens the door to many, many varieties in terms of the texture and material. The structure and padding of the couch play the most important role in determining if the couch will be comfortable. Consider what is used when looking for a comfortable couch. You’ll want to take into account who will make use of the couch and where it will be used. Couches such as the Tobago Leather L-Sectional couch is crafted from genuine leather uppers and has cushions that are made up of 35% density foam, which provides an exquisite sense of comfort. This is a good choice regarding the comfort of a couch, as leather is animal friendly, it has a modern design, and has spacious seating that will work for families perfectly. To depict how comfort is not compromised when it comes to different types of couches, the Arizona Fabric Sofa Chaise Sectional features a full foam inner seating that is extremely comfortable and soft, which makes it another very sensible choice for families.


  1. Cost

Generally, leather will cost more due to its rarity and the fact that it is animal hide. When investing in leather couches, you must acknowledge that you are investing in a quality product that is going to last you throughout decades and not just the next five years, if the couch is cared for properly. Leather is durable and can withstand a lot, from spills to rough handling even though that is not really recommended. Fabric on the other hand is the more cost-effective option since it is the more accessible material of the two. Quality is not necessarily compromised when it comes to fabric couches, again, if given proper care, fabric couches can be incredibly worth it. When spending your money, you most certainly want to make the right choice initially so that you don’t find yourself going back and forth with your choice. You will want to spend your money on a couch that is comfortable and suits your interior and lifestyle perfectly. Ensure that you take the correct measurements and that you test couches properly before choosing. And when we say test, we mean really test. Sit down on the couches, lay down if you have to, and spend a few long minutes on the couch to get a good feel of the texture and comfort level before deciding to purchase.


  1. Colour

Selecting the ideal colour according to the colour palette of your interior space is important in order to gain visual interest and keep the harmony of your interior design. Both leather and fabric couches have several colour choices that you can work with. With fabric couches, the options extend to a much larger range than with leather. This comes from the fact that fabric can be manipulated to a number of shades, while leather is more natural and have a range of colour choices, however, those are few. The Oakland Fabric 3-Seater sofa for instance is available in a neutral shade and also a stunning Navy colour, which allows you to work with a more open colour palette and to incorporate a variety of themes when designing your interior spaces. With leather being more natural, the colours it's available in tend to have natural undertones. Now, the subtle lack of colour options makes room for interior designs that are endless in terms of colour, textures, and patterns. Leather couches like the Stanford range, are available in a neutral range of colours, which gives you the opportunity to play around with décor. You can now work with numerous colours to create a design that best fits in with your personality. You now have the advantage of being able to constantly change the theme and concepts of your room.


The benefits of having a leather or fabric couch in your home are endless. The choice you make is essentially dependent on your lifestyle and what you know is going to best work within your home and budget. It comes down to the attention you are willing to give your couch and the amount of care you put in. If you prefer either a leather piece or fabric, when taken good care of, these couches will without a doubt serve their purpose well within your home over the years to come.