August 23, 2021


Whether it’s for visitors or just for your own personal comfort, buying living room furniture to create an inviting sitting room space is one of the best things you can do for your home. We all love to come home after a log day at the office top a comfortable, warm and inviting home. Undoubtedly, we spend a lot of family time in the living room, here are some tips you can follow when shopping for new home furniture for your living room.


Most of us aren’t revamping our entire living room with all new furniture at once. Your couch might be getting lumpy and stained while your coffee table is still in great shape. You might buy a new television that needs a new TV stand, but that doesn’t mean you’re suddenly going to rush out and buy a new bookshelf, lamp table, and display cabinet to go with it. Purchasing quality home furniture can be costly, this is why most people tend to do it over a period of time.

If you are looking at upgrading our entire room, at Leather Gallery we offer a wide range of finance options including interest free 4–12-month stokvel payment plan that might make it possible to update your entire space at once.

We’ll talk about specific types of furniture in a minute, but before we do, here are a few general styling tips to keep in mind when choosing your new living room pieces:

  • Take measurements to ensure your furniture fits in your space. If you’re bringing in all new pieces, draw up a floor plan to help you envision where they’ll be positioned. Take time to map put where exactly you will place your sofa, if a corner couch or a full sofa suite would work better.
  • Colour, either in your furniture in itself or your choices for walls, flooring, and accessories, can change the look and feel of your space. Neutrals complement everything, while pops of colour bring bold detail to your room. Using a throw or accent pillow is a great way of injecting pops of colour into your room.
  • For a small space, light woods, whites, glass, and mirrors can help make a room appear bigger, while dark woods and metal offer dramatic appeal that’s ideal for larger living rooms.
  • If you have children or there are kids in your life, chances are they’ll be spending a good bit of time in your living room. Obviously, it makes sense to keep this in mind before outfitting a space that’s full of glass and sharp corners. Leather couches are a
  • Many of us are working or have worked from home for the first time recently. While we’re not covering office furniture in this guide, you can incorporate a desk into your space or find a multifunctional piece so you can get your work done during the day and then relax in the same space in the evening.


The sofa is the centrepiece of your living space, so build your room around it. Whether you want it to be a standout statement-maker or to blend effortlessly into the overall look, use your sofa to determine the rest of the furniture you need. Consider what will work for your space, your needs and your family. Are you looking for a more traditional 3-piece sofa suite or are you shopping for a customisable corner couch?

Are you looking for a neutral colour sofa in brown or beige or do you want to make a statement with a bright coloured sofa in red or blue.


Once you have your star sofa or corner couch, you may want a few more seats to accommodate guests or a big family. Occasional chairs offer extra comfiness, while harder accent chairs can bring textural interest to your space. Accent chairs are available in a wide range of styles, designs and textiles. This is a great way of adding a fun pop of colour in a different material or colour to your space without making a major commitment.


There’s nothing nicer than sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee and relaxing on your couch in your living room. Naturally, you need somewhere to set it down (or to hold a tray of biscuits), so of course that’s where a coffee table comes in.

A coffee table acts as the anchor for your living room seating, with a low table height that’s perfect for reaching from your sofa or accent chair. It’s the perfect place for family and guests to gather around and share snacks and good conversation.

Choose a coffee table that is the same height as your sofa cushions, or a few centimeters lower. Lengthwise, a rectangular coffee table should ideally be about two-thirds the length of your sofa so it feels proportional to the space.


Maybe your room is too big for a single coffee table to serve all of your seating, or alternately maybe your room is too small to have a large coffee table taking up space. Either way, side tables can be the magical furniture item that completes your room.


Once you have all the main furniture items selected, spend some time selecting the finer details such a carpet, standing and side lamps, scatter cushions and décor items such as ornaments and vases.

At Leather Gallery we stock a wide range of furniture for your living room, as well as a variety of dining room furniture as well as bedroom furniture. Visit a Leather Gallery furniture store today for all your home furniture needs.

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